"House Of The Dragon" Episode 6 Trailer Shows A Time Jump, New Actors, And Lots Of Kids

    Big changes are happening in Episode 6.

    We're officially at the halfway point for Season 1 of House of the Dragon — and things are getting heated. Here's the trailer for Episode 6:

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    Let's break it down...

    The trailer opens with Daemon's dragon Caraxes flying toward an island — perhaps Dragonstone or Driftmark.

    Caraxes flies towards an island

    Then we see a shot of the Small Council and hear someone say, "We should address the latest developments in the Stepstones, my lords."

    A group of people sit around the table in the small council chamber

    We see Hand of King Lyonel Strong looking older, but as concerned as ever.

    Lyonel looks worried

    While Viserys looks A LOT older and more done with everyone's shit than ever. We hear someone say, "Where, I wonder, is our Prince Daemon?"

    Viserys rubs his face

    Then we see an older Alicent — played by Olivia Cooke — who now has a seat at the Small Council table (!). She says, "It was a decade ago, and he has since left the region undefended."

    Alicent sits at the Small Council table

    Rhaenyra, who still has her Small Council spot and is now played by Emma D'Arcy, responds with, "WE have left it undefended, my queen."

    Rhaenyra sits at the Small Council table

    Next we hear someone say, "What are children, but a weakness? Through them you imagine you persist forever. But for them, you surrender what you should not." This plays over several shots of a bunch of kids, indicating this will be a central theme of the episode (and perhaps rest of the series).

    A boy with long blonde hair looks up in awe

    The kid seems to be rather frightened by a dragon.

    A dragon breathes fire

    Then we see a blonde teen wearing green (hello, Alicent's child) and a shorter boy wearing black (this is definitely one of Rhaenyra's) sparring, with the blonde attacking the smaller boy.

    Two boys spar

    An older (and even hotter) Harwin Strong looks on.

    Harwin watches the sparring

    And then he looks up at someone, seemingly concerned.

    Harwin looks off to his right

    We see he's looking at his father, Lyonel, and Viserys, who are also watching the sparring.

    Viserys and Lyonel watch

    Then we see Laena Velaryon, once again aged up and this time played by Nanna Blondell, who is pregnant and cradling a child to her. Clearly a lot has happened in 10 years.

    A pregnant Laena hugs a child to her chest

    We see a dragon egg being kept warm.

    A dragon egg in a warming contraption

    Then we hear Alicent say, "You will be our king," over this shot of what is clearly a teenage Aegon.

    Aegon smirks

    Next, what appears to be Laena's child is holding a dragon egg close to the fire.

    A child holds up a dragon egg to the fire

    Then we see Laena telling Daemon (!), "We are the blood of Old Valyria."

    Laena talks to Daemon

    There's a shot of Daemon riding his dragon looking on at what appears to be Laena on the back of a dragon — this is likely Vhagar, the dragon she dreamed about and discussed with Viserys as a child.

    Daemon looks on as Laena rides a dragon

    From that huge dragon we see a teeny tine one — a toddler dragon!

    A small dragon being wrangled by two trainers

    Then we see Rhaenyra standing with a brown-haired boy while holding a baby.

    Rhaenyra holds a baby and stands near a dark haired boy

    A voiceover says, "A father compromised by the acts of a son," while we see shots of Lyonel looking at Harwin with concern.

    Lyonel looks at Harwin with concern

    (Moment of appreciation for Harwin's curls.)

    Close-up of Harwin

    What could Harwin be doing that would compromise his father? Perhaps beating up what appears to be Criston Cole (I mean he probably deserved it).

    Harwin beats up Criston Cole

    Harwin is torn away from Criston by two Kingsguard members.

    Two Kingsguard knights pull Harwin away from Criston on the ground

    There's a shot of the two brunette boys looking scared.

    Two boys wearing armor look scared

    Then we see the (also dark-haired) baby Rhaenyra is holding.

    Rhaenyra holds a dark-haired baby

    Next we hear Alicent telling Viserys, "To have one child like that is a mistake; to have three is an insult."

    Alicent talks to Viserys

    She is clearly talking about Rhaenyra's children — who are not only brunette, but also appear to be white. Two things her husband, Laenor, is not.

    Someone touches a brunette boy's chin

    "People have eyes," Lyonel says, appearing to back up Alicent's suggestion that Rhaenyra's three children are very obviously not Laenor's.

    Lyonel looks upset

    There's a shot of Rhaenyra with her baby.

    Rhaenyra holds a baby

    And Alicent sipping wine.

    Alicent sips wine

    We see Larys is still around, no doubt stirring shit up.

    Close-up of Larys

    Then we get Viserys's response to Alicent's suggestion. He says, "The consequences of an allegation like the one you toy at would be dire."

    Close-up of Viserys

    There's this dark shot of someone...somewhere?

    A man sits behind bars

    Someone pulls what looks like a torch from a fire.

    A torch in a fire

    Two soldiers carry a body between them.

    Two soldiers carry a body on a stretcher between them

    And the closing shots of the trailer are of one of Rhaenyra's brown-haired boys saying "dracarys" with delight.

    A boy smiles while speaking

    And then his dragon absolutely roasting the hell out of a goat.

    A dragon breathes fire on a goat

    And there we have it! So many kids, even more dragons, and a whole lot of tension. What are you looking forward to in Episode 6? Let us know in the comments!

    (Book readers, keep it spoiler free please.)