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27 Times Hot Guys And Dogs Were A Match Made In Heaven

Can't even handle the cuteness.

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1. When Ian Somerhalder was the most adorable he's ever been with this puppy.

2. When Channing Tatum fed this puppy cereal and it melted your heart.

Vanity Fair / Via

3. When Colin O'Donoghue posed with this pirate dog and you were HOOKED.

4. When Darren Criss taught this puppy some tricks and it was so satisfying.

5. When Zac Efron blew kisses at this little guy and you actually swooned.

6. When Harry Shum Jr took this selfie with his puppy and it was flawless.

7. When Hugh Jackman looked like he'd died and gone to puppy heaven.

8. When David Gandy played with these puppies and you actually felt a bit jealous.

9. When The Rock almost bit the head off this little guy but it was pretty cute.

10. When Drake had fun with this little guy and you wanted to join in.

11. When Jean Dujardin took Uggie to the Oscars and it was the best acceptance speech ever.

Gary Hershorn / Reuters

12. When Dave Franco oh-so-gently caressed this lucky pup.

13. When Scott Eastwood was stunned by this stunned puppy and you were stunned all over.

14. When Hugh Dancy went to a happy place with the dogs on Hannibal.

15. When John Legend added this cutie to his gorgeous family and it was the best.

16. When Adam Levine was sexy AND adorable while holding this puppy.

17. When Eion Bailey kissed this dalmatian and you wanted in on the action.

18. When Richard Madden cuddled these pups as Robb Stark, before everything went to hell in Winterfell.

19. When Matt Corby sat with this big guy and made you happy sigh.

20. When Dylan O'Brien snuggled this puppy and your heart burst with the cuteness.


21. When Zac Stenmark embraced this little ball of fluff.

22. And Jordan Stenmark embraced this one.

23. When Godfrey Gao played with these puppies and it was so cute it hurt.

24. When Shemar Moore casually soaked up the sun with his adorable besties.

25. When Tom Hardy got emotional with this dog and you wanted to give them both some love.

26. When Kellan Lutz held this teeny tiny puppy with one big strong arm.

27. And every single time Ryan Gosling showed off George. <3