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    There Are So Many Holiday Rom-Coms Coming Out — Here Are The Ones To Watch

    'Tis the season to binge on cheesy romance movies.

    The holiday movie season is officially underway! Every year, there are more and more holiday rom-coms, with more and more networks and streamers getting in on the action that has traditionally been Hallmark and Lifetime's fare.

    Because there are sooo many, it can be hard to sort through which ones are worth watching. As someone who has spent many (many, many) hours watching these movies over the years, here are my top picks for this season...

    1. A Maple Valley Christmas — November 5, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

    Close-up of Andrew Walker with a soft smile on his face

    2. Falling for Christmas — November 10, Netflix

    Lindsay Lohan stands next to Chord Overstreet with Christmas decorations in the background

    3. Christmas with You — November 18, Netflix

    Freddie Prinze Jr sits on a step in front of a stage and smiles

    4. A Country Christmas Harmony — November 18, Lifetime

    Brooke Elliott sings into a microphone while Brandon Quinn plays a guitar; they look at each other smiling

    5. Three Wise Men and a Baby — November 19, Hallmark

    Three men look down at a baby held between them

    6. Holiday Harmony — November 24, HBO Max

    Annelise Cepero sits opposite Jeremy Sumpter in a diner as they raise their drinks to cheers

    7. The Noel Diary — November 24, Netflix

    A wet Justin Hartley leans forward and looks into a car window at a woman looking out at him

    8. The Sound of Christmas — November 24, BET+

    Close-up of Serayah with formal hair and makeup done

    9. Merry Kiss Cam — November 24, Hulu

    Hesse Bradford and Katie Lowes talk to each other while wearing sports team attire

    10. Haul Out the Holly — November 26, Hallmark

    Wes Brown sits on a red and gold chair while Lacey Chabert stands beside him; they both wear Santa hats and smile at the camera

    11. A Hollywood Christmas — December 1, HBO Max

    Jessica Van smiles while standing in front of a trailer

    12. Cloudy with a Chance of Christmas — December 2, Lifetime

    Valery M. Ortiz and Brandon Quinn smile at each other in formalwear

    13. The Great Holiday Bake War — December 3, OWN

    Finesse Mitchell and Letoya Luckett stand side bby side smiling and baking wearing matching green aprons

    14. All I Didn't Want for Christmas — December 7, VH1

    Gabourey Sidebe looks shocked

    15. Something from Tiffany's — December 9, Amazon Prime Video

    Zoey Deutch and Kendrick Sampson stand opposite each other and smile, Zoey holds a croissant

    16. The Holiday Sitter — December 11, Hallmark

    Jonathan Bennett smiles in a selfie next to Matthew James Dowden

    17. A New Diva's Christmas Carol — December 14, VH1

    Ashanti stands surrounded by the Christmas spirits in a still from A New Diva's Christmas Carol

    18. A Christmas to Treasure — December 16, Lifetime

    Taylor Frey and Kyle Dean Massey look at each other in front of fairy lights

    19. The Holiday Dating Guide — December 17, Lifetime

    20. Hanukkah on Rye — December 18, Hallmark

    Yael Grobglas and Jeremy Jordan hold bagels while facing each other

    What holiday rom-coms will you be watching this season?