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    People Are Very Happy About This "Game Of Thrones" Scene

    FINALLY. Warning: Spoilers!

    So much happened in the Season 6 finale of Game of Thrones that the impact of one thing we've all been waiting for got a bit lost in the excitement.


    So let's take a moment to appreciate that DAENERYS STORMBORN IS FINALLY HEADING TO WESTEROS.

    We've been waiting for this since literally the first episode.

    60 hours of my life later and Dany is finally on a boat #GameofThrones


    It's been 84 years but Dany is finally on her way to raise hell :')

    The whole middle section of Dany's plot kinda dragged, tbh.

    gods bless house greyjoy for finally getting dany out of meereen

    But now she's finally actually heading into the ~game~!

    me when they showed daenerys sailing to westeros #got

    It's going to be sooo good.

    I'm in my feelings about seeing Dany with her armada....finally #demthrones #thronesyall

    She's already way ahead of her enemies.

    dany already has control of the south and hasn't even landed in westeros. my mother.

    And it will be VERY interesting to see what happens when she and Jon Snow meet.

    The timing seems significant.

    I can't believe Jon Stark Targaryen is confirmed in the same episode Dany sails for Westeros and proclaims she will marry for an alliance.

    Is the show setting the stage for them to form an alliance...and also maybe bang?

    (Yes, Dany is his aunt, but Targaryens are all about keeping the bloodline ~pure~ and also this show has made monsters of us all lol.)

    Can't wait till Daenerys adds the next Dragon to her collection in Season 8 #GameofThrones

    No matter what happens, one thing is for sure: It's going to be epic.

    Let's just hope Dany doesn't get a case of the Gendrys and end up stuck on a boat forever.

    After all the expedited travel this season, if Dany's fleet takes 3 eps to land I'll break my TV. Westeros D-Day ep 1 or GTFO #GameOfThrones

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