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We Need To Talk About Arya Stark In The Season 6 Finale

Damn, Arya. Daaaaaaaaaaaamn.

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People started drawing the obvious comparisons:

Arya Stark is on that Titus Andronicus kick!

Including Broadway influences:

I’m just humming “Sweeney Todd” if anybody needs me. #GameofThrones

Or, you know, South Park:

Arya Stark harnessing her inner Cartman on #GameofThrones tonight. Walder Frey = Scott Tenorman. #SouthPark


People wondered how she got back to Westeros so quickly, but this is a pretty good theory:

In my mind, Gendry and his rowboat gave Arya a ride from Braavos back to The Twins.

And of course, people had jokes.

Arya's catering company is going to get horrible Yelp reviews. #DemThrones

All in all, it's been a pretty good season for House Stark.

When you wake up and it's mostly been a good season for House Stark... #GameofThrones #GotFinale