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This Is What Your Fave Australian '90s Stars Look Like Now

Get ready to feel old.

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1. Jeffrey Walker, star of basically your whole childhood.

In the '90s, Jeffrey had major roles on popular shows like Round the Twist, Mirror, Mirror, The Wayne Manifesto, Ocean Girl and Thunderstone but as an adult he's mostly disappeared from the spotlight. He's still working in TV, just behind the camera, directing episodes of many shows including Neighbours, Home and Away, H20: Just Add Water, Angry Boys, Dance Academy, Rake, Bones and Modern Family.

2. Lauren Hewett, also star of basically your whole childhood.

Lauren starting acting at age six, appearing in The Miraculous Mellops, Strictly Ballroom, A Country Practice, Halfway Across the Galaxy and Turn Left, Mission Top Secret, Spellbinder: Land of the Dragon Lord, Home and Away and Ocean Girl. Her last on-screen role was in 2001 horror movie Cubbyhouse and she seems to have disappeared off the face of the internet since then.

3. Joelene Crnogorac, Round the Twist, Snowy River and Ocean Girl.

Joelene was the second Linda Twist and perhaps the most recognisable for '90s kids. She continued acting in the '00s, guest starring in shows like Neighbours and City Homicide, and appearing in a movie, Irresistible, with Susan Sarandon and Emily Blunt. As of two years ago she was living in LA.

4. Marzena Godecki, Ocean Girl

Aside from a brief appearance on Round the Twist, the lead role of Neri on Ocean Girl was Marzena's only professional acting job. She decided to leave acting to focus on her education, and is now an account manager for a women's clothing brand.


5. David Hoflin, Ocean Girl

David continued acting after his early role as Jason on Ocean Girl, going on to star in shows like Head Start, Neighbours, Alcatraz, Touch and Crossbones. He now lives and works in LA along with his wife, Natalie Hoflin, who was his co-star in Neighbours and is again in Crossbones.

7. Cassandra Magrath, Ocean Girl, Crash Zone and SeaChange.

Cassandra continued acting after her childhood roles in the '90s, most famously as backpacker Liz in Wolf Creek. She also guest starred in a number of popular shows, like Neighbours, House Husbands, Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries and Winners & Losers, and scored leading roles in Wentworth Prison and the upcoming 36 Questions.

8. Callan Mulvey, Heartbreak High

Was there anybody who got through Australia in the '90s without a crush on Drazic? No, the answer is no. Callan, meanwhile, continued acting after he left Drazic behind, taking time out in 2003 when he was badly injured in an accident. His career took off again when he appeared as Mark Moran on Underbelly, and he went on to star in Rush, Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms, Zero Dark Thirty, The Turning, 300: Rise of an Empire and Captain America: The Winter Soldier. He is currently filming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, with rumours he'll be The Joker.


9. Lara Cox, Heartbreak High

Lara has been acting consistently since her breakout role as the popular Anita on Heartbreak High, most notably in Head Start, The Lost World and Home and Away, as well as a string of guest roles and commercial spots.

10. Rel Hunt, Heartbreak High

After playing Ryan on Heartbreak High, Rel starred alongside his TV sister Lara once again in Head Start, acted in Cruel Intentions 2 but had all his scenes deleted, guest starred on Blue Water High and Home and Away, appeared in a number of TV movies and most recently played William Archer in Underbelly.

12. Putu Winchester, Heartbreak High

Putu has had a few parts in Aussie productions since he played Dennis in Heartbreak High, appearing in Home and Away, Water Rats, Footy Legends and most recently Parer's War. He currently owns a bar in Byron Bay.


13. Nina Liu, Spellbinder and Heartbreak High

Nina had major roles in the '00s in Something in the Air and The Secret Life of Us, and also appeared in Aussie movies Little Fish and The Book of Revelation. She married German entrepreneur Axel Schweitzer in 2008 and has since acted in a few German productions.


18. Katharine Cullen, The Girl From Tomorrow

After playing the time-travelling Alana in The Girl from Tomorrow, Katharine went on to attend NIDA and began a stage career with the Sydney Theatre Company when she was 24 years old.

19. Luke Carroll, Lift Off

Luke had guest spots in other kid's shows in the '90s, include Ocean Girl and Sky Trackers, and has continued to act as an adult, with notable roles in Australian Rules, The Alice, The Tender Hook, Stoned Bros, Needle, Redfern Now and The Gods of Wheat Street. He also hosts Play School.

20. Jared Daperis, Lift Off

Jared was basically a baby when he had his first acting role as Ralph on Lift Off, and he went on to guest star in numerous shows in the '90s, picking up more major roles in the '00s and beyond. He is perhaps most recognisable now for playing Squizzy Taylor in Underbelly.