This “Game Of Thrones” Actress Had The Most Perfect Reaction To Being Replaced

Aimee Richardson may no longer be Myrcella Baratheon, but she wins this game.

1. Remember Myrcella Baratheon, the only daughter of Cersei Lannister who got shipped off to Dorne by her uncle Tyrion?


2. Well, with a bunch of Dorne characters set to appear on next season of Game of Thrones, Myrcella will also be back. But the actress who played her, Aimee Richardson, won’t.


3. The role has been recast and Myrcella will now be played by Nell Tiger Free.

4. Aimee, who has a history of being awesome on social media, reacted in the best way possible: with humour.

“Well, this is embarrassing.”

5. She even joked about returning to Game of Thrones as another character that is yet to be cast, Arianne Martell.

6. While others had more creative suggestions.

I'm starting an petition to have @Aimee_P_R cast as the Mountain when they recast him again. #GameOfThrones #SeasonWhatever

— Brienne of Tarth (@BeautyBrienne)

7. Well played, Aimee. Well played.


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