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    32 Funny As Fuck Tumblr Posts About The Aussie Summer

    “Chapped lips, burnt face, bushfire warnings and smoke flames” - Australian love song.

    1. On the weather:

    2. And the seasons:

    3. On the signs it's summer:

    4. On national treasures:

    5. On trying to eat:

    6. And true heroism:

    7. On language:

    8. And Australian proverbs:

    9. On fire danger:

    10. On keeping cool:

    11. On Disney movies, if they were set in Australia:

    12. And Game of Thrones:

    13. On the temperature:

    14. From morning to night:

    15. On accurate maps:

    16. On aircon:

    17. On expectations vs reality:

    18. And trying to make foreigners understand:

    19. On perspective:

    20. On sunburn:

    21. On living in actual hell:

    22. On the perks:

    23. On goals:

    24. On the shock all Australians feel:

    25. Every single day:

    26. On melted thongs:

    27. On common occurrences:

    28. And everyday things:

    29. On trying to sleep:

    30. On mozzies:

    31. On tap water:

    32. And on wildlife:

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