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What Should Happen To Olly On "Game Of Thrones"?

That traitor. Warning: spoilers.

When Game of Thrones began, Joffrey quickly became the most hated character in Westeros. Everyone was waiting for his death, and when it happened, well...

But it wasn't long before a new, even more awful character rose up in his place.

And then. AND THEN. This little fucker came into our lives and took away our faves.

Somehow, despite all the incredibly fucked up shit done by Ramsay (and Joffrey before him), Olly became the most hated character on the show.

Now than Jon Snow is back, one of the big questions is how he will deal with Olly.

A lot of people are calling for blood.

But everyone seems to be forgetting that Olly kinda had good reason to act the way he did.