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    Every Disney Princess Wedding Dress, Ranked From "Eh" To "Oh My God"

    You can tell me I'm wrong, but that won't make you right.

    The most fun part of any wedding is judging the fashion (sorry to everyone who's there for the sweet love story or whatever), and that's doubly true when talking about TV or movie wedding fashion.

    Some of the most iconic pop culture wedding dresses* belong, of course, to the Disney princesses, who are synonymous with modern ideas of fairy-tale weddings. With that in mind, here is an (un)official ranking of them.

    *Note: some of these Disney princess movies don't include an actual wedding, so their "happily ever after" dresses have been included for performing a wedding dress–like function.

    14. Marian β€” Robin Hood:


    Marian is a literal fox, and she nabbed one, too (if you say you didn't have a crush on this Robin Hood growing up, you're lying), but unfortunately, her wedding attire is pretty boring. She's still cute, though.

    13. Snow White β€” Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs:


    This is Snow White's fanciest dress, and it's not bad. I'm especially here for the dramatic collar as well as the bow in her hair. But the rest is a bit of a yawn.

    12. Giselle β€” Enchanted:


    Giselle's dress is basically a parody of some of the more over-the-top Disney wedding dresses (Ariel, I'm looking at you), so it's hard to judge it fairly; it is just that ridiculous. The animated version is slightly better than the live action, which is kind of the point.

    11. Rapunzel β€” Tangled Ever After:


    I love Rapunzel and her cute lil' cropped hairdo. But I'm sorry, her wedding outfit is just so underwhelming! The veil is pretty, I'll give her that.

    10. Belle β€” Beauty and the Beast:


    Belle doesn't get an actual wedding dress, but she does re-wear her gold ball gown for what appears to be a celebration scene that MIGHT be a wedding at the end of the movie. And it's a beautiful dress! But maybe a BIT gaudy? I'm sorry, don't hate me.

    9. Ariel β€” The Little Mermaid:


    Those are some PUFFED sleeves. Anne Shirley would be as green with envy as her badly dyed hair. This dress is painfully '80s, but it would be fun to wear.

    8. Jasmine β€” Aladdin (live action):


    I'm going to be honest: I have not watched the live-action Aladdin. But I looked up Jasmine's wedding dress just for this piece, and you know what? It's pretty. But cartoon Jasmine just wins out over this one...

    7. Jasmine β€” Aladdin: The Return of Jafar:


    Jasmine is hot, and she looks hot in this outfit. She even manages to look good while riding a magic carpet. Her power.

    6. Aurora β€” Sleeping Beauty:


    Aurora's wedding scene is also maybe not an actual wedding, but the way her gown changes color as she dances, thanks to the fairies, is delightful. Also, the neckline is great.

    5. Belle β€” Beauty and the Beast (live action):


    Belle's actual ball gown in the live-action movie was soooo underwhelming, it was a relief to see that her wedding dress wasn't terrible. The floral details are lovely, the cut is nice, her hair looks great β€” it's a win.

    4. Aurora β€” Maleficent: Mistress of Evil:


    This is so gorgeous, especially from the back β€” AND it changes color, too! Bless those argumentative fairies.

    3. Cinderella β€” Cinderella:


    This is the quintessential Disney princess wedding dress. It's simple but elegant and timeless.

    2. Tiana β€” The Princess and the Frog:


    Tiana gets not one wedding but two β€” first as a frog-turned-princess in a stunning sparkly gown with all her animal friends, and then as a stylish 1920s bride surrounded by her human family and friends. Both dresses are incredible.

    1. Cinderella β€” Cinderella (live action):


    One thing the live-action Cinderella gets really, really right is the costumes. Her blue ball gown is mind-blowing, and this wedding dress, while not quite as flashy, is also spectacular. It's whimsical and unique without being absurd. Love!

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