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    Posted on 19 Nov 2014

    Chris Hemsworth Is This Year's Sexiest Man Alive

    He is a god after all.

    Chris Hemsworth: God of Thunder, Dancing with the Stars champion, and now People's Sexiest Man Alive 2014.

    Lucas Jackson / Reuters

    When he found out he'd won the honour, the Australian actor revealed he had one thing to say: "GOOD".

    Here he is: Your #SexiestManAlive, Chris Hemsworth!

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    Here he is: Your #SexiestManAlive, Chris Hemsworth!

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    Yes, good.


    But the Thor star told People they were actually a couple of years late: "I hit my peak a few years ago. I'm on the decline now."

    Sorry Chris, but you're wrong about that.

    This is PEAK Hemsworth Hotness.

    Like woah.

    Chris also said his wife, Elsa Pataky, laughed when she heard the news: "My wife thought it was pretty funny, as I did, we had a good old laugh about it."

    Joel Ryan/Invision / AP, File

    He added that his brothers, Liam and Luke, would probably give him a hard time about the honour: "They’re gonna give me some schtick over this I reckon but that’s alright, that’s what brothers do."

    Danny Moloshok / Reuters

    Don't listen to them, Chris. You got this.


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