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    If The Hot Assassin In "Charlie's Angels" Seems Familiar, This Is Why

    He grew up really well huh.

    While watching (and loving) the new Charlie's Angels I had two questions on my mind every time the assassin was on screen. The first was: is it just me or is he really freaking hot?!


    A quick search on Twitter, possibly the thirstiest place on the internet, reassured me that no, it was not just me...

    Almost 20 years ago the first CHARLIE’S ANGELS movie made me crush on Crispin Glover. Now the new one has me salivating over Jonathan Tucker. Apparently my type is creepy, pasty paid assassins.

    that assassin guy on Charlie's Angels is freaking hot yo. i ainn lying

    While watching the new Charlie's Angels, all I could think was "wow everyone is so hot" HAHAHAHA the 3 angels most especially but I wanna know if anyone else found Hodak (the assassin with neck tattoos) hot HAHAHAHAHAHA HE CAN LIKE GET IT OK


    Bisexual culture is not being sure if you're attracted to Kirsten Stewart or the assassin more in the new Charlie's angels

    The second question was: wait, where have I seen him before?!

    His name is Jonathan Tucker, and he has been in Westworld recently, playing Major Craddock...


    (And looking very hot doing it.)

    Amongst many other roles, he also had a memorable spot as Matthew Brown on Hannibal.


    (Hot again.)

    Neither of those roles were what I was thinking of. I remember seeing him A LOT more baby-faced. And then it hit me...straight from his IMDB page.


    He was Tim Weiner in The Virgin Suicides!


    You know, one of the dorks who were obsessed with the Lisbon sisters.


    He also played the young Tommy in Sleepers, a movie which I can't say another word about because I'm still traumatised.

    Warner Bros

    Tommy 😭.

    Anyway, I just thought you should know that that cute little dork grew up to be THIS hot assassin and whew...puberty, huh.

    And yes, I am absolutely now following him on Instagram – and you can too.


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