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Can You Pass An Aussie Driving Test?

How good is your general road knowledge?

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    Check your seatbelt is back in place.
    Check your headlights are turned off.
    Check your mirrors and blind spots for pedestrians, bicycles or other vehicles.
  2. Near to the left-hand side of the road.
    Anywhere on your side of the road.
    Along the middle of the road.
  3. Yes.
    No it is only needed on long trips.
    No, being licensed is enough.
  4. Turn on your lights on low beam.
    Keep your sunglasses on to cut down headlight glare.
    Turn on your hazard warning lights.
  5. Yes, if the person(s) in the caravan are over 12 years of age
    Yes, provided you do not exceed 60 km/h.
    No, not under any circumstances
  6. Have a large meal and a cup of coffee
    Check your tyre pressure, and if necessary, increase it to what the manufacturer recommends.
    Make sure you have a street directory, so you know where you are going
  7. Take care and never reverse for a greater distance and time than is necessary.
    Unbuckle your seat belt so you can reverse as quickly as possible.
    Sound your horn to warn other drivers.
  8. Car brakes often fail.
    Pedestrians might be crossing.
    Trains are fast, heavy and cannot stop quickly.
  9. Pull over to the left until the emergency vehicle passes.
    Immediately come to a stop.
    Let the emergency vehicle pass and follow it closely behind.
  10. You must leave at least 1 metre front and back.
    You must leave at least 2 metres from the front only.
    You must leave at least 3 metres front and back.
  11. Take something to calm your nerves before driving.
    Take your street directory in case you get lost
    Make sure your vehicle has enough fuel, oil, water and the correct tyre pressure.
  12. You intend to slow down.
    You intend to move to the right, at any time.
    You are about to stop.
  13. Sound your horn to warn the rider.
    Speed up to pass the horse.
    Slow down and give them plenty of room.
  14. Where the road is very wide.
    Where there is plenty of room from the centre line.
    Where there are markings or a sign indicating angle park.
  15. No.
    Yes, but only when you stop at intersections.
    Yes, but you must hold the steering wheel with at least one hand.

Can You Pass An Aussie Driving Test?

You failed!

You probably shouldn't be allowed to drive. Awks.

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You passed!

You know your road rules, well done.

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Note: not an accurate indication of whether you'd actually pass your driving test. All questions taken from the NSW Roads and Maritime Driver Knowledge Test.

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