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    Ariana Grande's Australian Accent Is Going Viral For Good Reason

    Steve Irwin would be proud.

    Ariana Grande is a) the queen of impressions and b) a known lover of Australia*.

    @arianagrande / Via

    *Well, she collaborated with Troye Sivan and also dated Jai Brooks from The Janoskians – so, in true Australian fashion, we'll adopt her as our own.

    The two interests collided in this video of Ariana getting her Steve Irwin on and doing a pretty spot-on Australian accent.

    ariana’s australian accent is sending me sdskdkks

    The video was uploaded to Ariana's Instagram in 2016, but is now going viral thanks to @dcagiunta's tweet.

    Australians were super into it.

    @dcagiunta Why does she have a western suburbs accent I’m -

    Bindi Irwin is canceled!

    Ariana honestly has an incredible ear for this stuff. Still impressed by her J-Law, not an easy person to imitate

    ariana grande good place season 3 when

    this is in the top 10% of attempts at an aussie accent (slips into kiwi/saffer a bit much is all)

    Ariana deserves to EGOT tbh.


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