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    Posted on Nov 12, 2013

    Why Ryan Gosling Should Never, Ever Google Himself

    This is why we can't have nice things.

    Sometimes, when you're a human with internet access, you google yourself.

    This is probably what it looks like when Ryan Gosling googles himself.

    1. Rude.

    Jen Lewis / BuzzFeed /

    2. No, no he was not.

    Jen Lewis / BuzzFeed /

    3. I thought we settled that Bradley Cooper issue.

    Jen Lewis / BuzzFeed /

    Puppies, though.

    4. Huh?

    5. Wrong.

    Jen Lewis / BuzzFeed /

    6. He has none of those things.

    Jen Lewis / BuzzFeed /

    7. Don't even joke about that.

    Jen Lewis / BuzzFeed /

    8. This is why he disappeared forever. This is why no one has seen him in years*.

    Jen Lewis / BuzzFeed /

    *huge exaggeration

    Happy birthday, Ryan Gosling. You are none of those things and you should never stop. Now please come back. The world is worried.

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