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36 Reasons To Love Charleston

This one's for the Lowcountry.

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5. And so do those benches on Vendue Wharf, if you swing with all you've got.

7. And Anthony Wright with his legendary boiled peanuts.

8. Sometimes, you can catch a glimpse of the team's famous owner.

Bill Murray loves him some Charleston.


15. Breakfast is not breakfast unless grits and biscuits are involved.

Hominy Grill

16. And dessert is not dessert unless it's some Toll House cookie pie.



17. Or gelato from Paolo's.

18. In Charleston, shucking oysters for a roast is an olympic sport.

19. The fruits and vegetables at the farmer's market in Marion Square are as fresh as they come.

21. Second Sunday on King Street comes with the 99% chance you'll find yourself lost in conversation with everyone you've ever met.

22. Even the pets stop everything to say hello to a familiar face.

23. In the winter, we skip the snow and go straight for the lights.

25. The street musicians will make you want to shag.

26. Piccolo Spoleto Festival brings out the best in the arts (and a true Charlestonian knows where to go for all the free events).

27. New York can keep Broadway. We have The Dock Street Theatre.

29. And the Marina at sunset will give you chills every time.

34. Or just in the street after a big storm.