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    30 Times Ruby Rose Fucked You Up

    This rose got us ~thorny~.

    1. When she shared with us the most BFF goals photo to have ever been taken.

    2. When she inspired you to work out for once in your life.

    3. And when... omg those arms. 😍

    4. When she inspired you to live your best ugly sweater life.

    5. When she collabed with Urban Decay and set your lady parts on fire.

    6. When she proved that black and white is always right.

    7. Like... damn. πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

    8. When she made fun of Justin Bieber and also looked fucking hot in the process.

    9. When she took the most adorable picture known to man.

    10. When she managed to take an ~awkward tourist photo~ minus the awkward part.

    11. When she reminded us of the important things.

    12. When she took this picture which could literally melt an iceberg.

    13. When she served major fashion looks.

    14. When she did what all of us have secretly been dreaming of.

    15. When her whole life just seemed like one big amazing party.

    16. When she made hanging out on a Wolf of Wall Street boat look like the most cazj thing in the world.

    17. When she achieved maximum squad goals.

    18. When... same.

    19. When she made a bowl cut somehow look sexy.

    20. But then recognised its flaws.

    21. When she proved that she's always been a stunner.

    22. When she wore a shirt with her own face on it like it was nbd.

    23. When this was an actual thing that she actually did?

    24. When she posed for GQ and your heart skipped a beat.

    25. When you just wanted to jump in the shower with her.

    26. When she rocked a hat like nobody's business.

    27. When she totally nailed "blonde hair, don't care".

    28. When she shared this cute snap of her looking in a mirror.

    29. When she made a road trip suddenly seem like a really good idea.

    30. And when she was literal perfection, 100% of the time.

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