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For Everyone Who Had A Crush On Miss Honey In "Matilda"

Those librarian glasses. Yes please.

Matilda was one of those movies that everyone watched at least ten times as a kid.

Though for me, there was really only one reason to keep on re-watching it: Miss Honey.

Sure, maybe it's because I wanted her to be my teacher. But if I'm being really honest, I had a huge goddamn crush on her before I even knew what that meant.

And she definitely made me feel ~tingly~ things I'd never felt before.

Maybe it's because she was so beautiful... wise... caring...

...and basically just perfect.

Even when she's 10000% done with Matilda's shit she was still flawless AF.

Also, um, hello, she saved Matilda from a life of mistreatment and horrible leopard print.

I still dream of running away with her to a house covered in wildflowers, where we can spend all day drinking tea and doing dirty things to each other.

I guess she chose books AND looks.