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36 Questions About "Harry Potter" That J.K. Rowling Left Unanswered

What's with the veil?

We asked members of BuzzFeed Community what questions about the world of Harry Potter need to be answered. Here's what you had to say.

1. Why didn't the British Ministry of Magic call on their foreign counterparts to help fight in the war against Voldemort?

2. If Grawp is what he called himself because he couldn't pronounce his name, then what is Grawp's real name?

3. What does a Ravenclaw student do when they can't answer the riddle but need to get into their dormitory?

4. How did Hagrid's parents ~consummate~ their relationship if one was a giant and one was a human?

5. After the war was over and Draco was safe, did Narcissa leave Lucius?

6. What happened to all of Harry's grandparents? How did they all die? We know James' parents were old, but what happened to Lily's?

7. Is Scorpius Malfoy a decent guy? Is he on friendly terms with the rest of the Potter-Weasley kids?

Submitted by Mycandy Lov, Facebook

8. We know Voldemort cursed the Defense Against The Dark Arts position. How do you curse a non-tangible thing?

9. Harry's invisibility cloak was a Hallow and a cloak of "true invisibility". How come Moody could see through it?

10. What other sports and clubs are there other than Quidditch, Gobstones and Chess?

11. What was the First Wizarding War like, and what were the roles of the different characters in it?

12. Was there retribution after the war? Were there any retaliations or payback for children of Death Eaters or Voldemort's supporters?

13. Is the Ministry of Magic a dictatorship?

14. When one transfigures a desk into a pig and then back again, has one magically created a pig with the soul of a desk? Or does one then have a desk with the soul of a pig?

15. What goes on in the Department of Mysteries? Why the brains in the tank? What's the planet room? What's with the veil?

16. And what happens if a ghost passes through the veil?

17. Was there anyone else pioneering for House Elves' rights like Hermione was?

18. Did the Room of Requirement work after Crabbe's Fiendfyre?

19. Would the Basilisk be petrified if it saw itself in a mirror?

20. Did Dumbledore ever use a Time-Turner?

21. When Harry tries on the Invisibility Cloak for the first time, the only thing not covered is his head. What would you see if you sat on the floor beside him looking up at his levitating head?

22. Were all Wizarding schools as dangerous and plagued by bad things like Hogwarts was during the time of the books?

23. If owls can track people without a location, why didn't Voldemort or other enemies use owls to track people?

24. How does owl magic work?

25. The sorting hat took a lot of time with Seamus. What house was he almost in?

26. Does anyone else have a clock like Molly's or did she make it? What kind of magic is involved?

27. Was the Shrieking Shack really built and immediately considered haunted, or was it bewitched so people thought it had always been there?

28. How did Dumbledore and Fawkes become companions?

29. If boa constrictors don’t have eyelids, how did the one at the zoo wink?

30. What was Dumbeldore’s joke about the troll, the hag and the leprechaun?

31. What happens if someone on a Quidditch team other than a Seeker caught the snitch?

32. Was Dumbledore truly convinced that Sirius Black was guilty?

33. If Harry looked in the Mirror of Erised now, what would he see? And what would his boggart be?

34. When you put a memory into the pensieve can you still remember it in your head as well?

35. How does Felix Felicis work? Does it change peoples' will in a similar way to the Imperius curse?

36. Which house did Albus Severus actually end up in?

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