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36 Questions About "Harry Potter" That J.K. Rowling Left Unanswered

What's with the veil?

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We asked members of BuzzFeed Community what questions about the world of Harry Potter need to be answered. Here's what you had to say.

1. Why didn't the British Ministry of Magic call on their foreign counterparts to help fight in the war against Voldemort?

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"What was the point of all those diplomatic relations such as the Bulgarian Minister of Magic attending the '94 Quidditch World Cup?" - Submitted by Gbenga Olajuwon, Facebook

6. What happened to all of Harry's grandparents? How did they all die? We know James' parents were old, but what happened to Lily's?

12. Was there retribution after the war? Were there any retaliations or payback for children of Death Eaters or Voldemort's supporters?

13. Is the Ministry of Magic a dictatorship?

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"Dumbledore was offered the job multiple times, Fudge was sacked / forced to resign and then replaced by Scrimgeour and Kingsley was appointed acting Minister. That implies that it's not a democracy, so who chooses the Minister and how?" - Submitted by Phil Matley, Facebook

14. When one transfigures a desk into a pig and then back again, has one magically created a pig with the soul of a desk? Or does one then have a desk with the soul of a pig?

21. When Harry tries on the Invisibility Cloak for the first time, the only thing not covered is his head. What would you see if you sat on the floor beside him looking up at his levitating head?

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"Would you see the inside of his neck?" - Submitted by Ebba Månsdotter, Facebook

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