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22 Photos Showing How Similar The Australian And American Elections Are

Bottom line is we're all fucked.

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1. Campaign events in the US:

Fox 10 / Via

2. Campaign events in Australia:

Dan Peled / AAPIMAGE

3. Campaign ads in the US:

Future 45 / Via

4. Campaign ads in Australia:

Australian Sex Party / Via

5. Teens roasting American politicians on Snapchat:

Reddit: 6-PackorWine / Via

6. Teens roasting Australian politicians on Snapchat:

7. American politicians meeting their fans:

Jeff J Mitchell / Getty Images / Via

8. Australian politicians meeting their fans:

9. Youth engagement in the US:

10. Youth engagement in Australia:

11. Facebook comments in the US:

Reddit: Woodenspurs / Via

12. Facebook comments in Australia:
Reddit: illuminatipr / Via

13. Media coverage in the US:

New York Post / Via

14. Media coverage in Australia:

Daily Telegraph / Via

15. American politicians trying to get votes:

The Breakfast Club / Via

16. Australian politicians trying to get votes:

17. American politicians on Twitter:

18. Australian politicians on Twitter:

19. American politicians speaking about their policies:

CNN Politics / Via

20. Australian politicians speaking about their policies:

ABC News / Via

21. Celebrity endorsements in the USA:

22. Celebrity endorsements in Australia: