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22 Photos That Show The Difference Between Formal On Instagram And Reality

No matter how good your Instagram looks, the reality is way different.

1. Group shots on Instagram:

2. Group shots in reality:

3. Backyard photos on Instagram:

4. Backyard photos in reality:

5. Dress shopping on Instagram:

6. Dress shopping in reality:

7. Formal hair on Instagram:

8. Formal hair in reality:

9. Matching your date on Instagram:

10. Matching your date in reality:

11. Dates on Instagram:

12. Dates in reality:

13. Getting there on Instagram:

14. Getting there in reality:

15. Decor on Instagram:

16. Decor in reality:

17. Dancing on Instagram:

18. Dancing in reality:

19. Getting drinks for afters on Instagram:

20. Getting drinks for afters in reality:

21. After parties on Instagram:

22. After parties in reality: