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    22 Important Lessons From Tumblr About Australia

    It's time we all learn about the emu war of 1932.

    1. The drinking habits of local fauna.

    2. The truth about that gold medal.

    3. The truth about the emu war of '32.

    4. More functional uses for currency.

    5. Australian fire safety.

    6. Australian reproductive patterns.

    7. How similar the Australian wilderness is to Pokemon.

    8. What is really under the sea.

    9. Annual summer rituals.

    10. How Australian seasons actually work.

    11. What Australians do when faced with a conflict.

    12. The way global ocean currents work.

    13. An intro to Australian snacks.

    14. A further investigation into these snacks.

    15. How to identify an Australian in the wild.

    16. An insight into Australian-isms.

    17. The further intricacies of Australian dialect.

    18. That any Australian kids should never feel weak.

    19. The real outcomes of Australian politics.

    20. What the continent actually looks like.

    21. How timezones work.

    22. Even inanimate objects in Australia can swear at you.

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