The 33 Best Geeky Things To Buy On Etsy

Talk nerdy to me.

1. Tardis engagement ring box

For the girl who waited.

2. Hunger Games mug

If that’s your cup of tea.

3. R2D2 skirt

The droid you’ve been looking for all along!

4. Polyjuice flask

Turn into someone else.

5. Pokemon singlet

Who’s your starter Pokemon?

6. Legend of Zelda heart pendant

May or may not boost your life level.

7. Super Mario lamp

Just try not to headbutt it.

8. Doctor Who Cons

Dare I say… cooler than Ten’s?

9. Princess Peach dress

Make all your cosplay dreams come true.

10. Steve Zissou beard beanie

Perfect for Bill Murray fans.

11. Star Trek onesie

For the little trekkie in your life.

12. Lord of the Rings pendant

Just like Arwen’s.

13. Harley Quinn hoodie

So you can look like the famous Batman villain.

14. Storm Trooper pencil skirt

Suit up!

15. Floppy disk pillows

A tribute to the now obsolete piece of hardware.

16. The Fault In Our Stars gloves

So many feels. But at least you’ll have warm hands.

17. Tentacle Wall sculpture

Like the Kraken himself is breaking through your walls.

18. Disney cross stitch pattern

All the princesses!

19. Dumbledore’s office scented candle

Cozy, with a touch of sherbet lemon.

20. Hunger Games T-shirt

Cute AND geeky!

21. Snow White Macbook decal

Also available for iPad.

22. Pokemon Gym Badges

Get all the badges from Kanto without having to battle any trainers.

23. Sherlock panties

Probably the only way you’re going to get Benedict Cumberbatch in your pants.

24. Lord of the Rings silhouette bookmark

Never lose your place in a book again.

25. Star Trek hand towel

“Where KHAAAAAAAN I get one of these?” Right here.

26. Legend of Zelda wine charms

For your next fancy dinner party.

27. Batman mask iPhone decal

Perfect for your bat phone.

28. Cuddly Voldemort

This shop also stocks Sherlock, Star Trek and Game of Thrones plushes.

29. Nintendo cartridge clock

An awesome one-of-a-kind gift.

30. The Last Airbender table of characters

A great talking piece to hang on your wall.

31. Elvish door plaque

Translates to: speak friend and enter.

32. Totoro thongs

So cute!

33. Spongebob earrings

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

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