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    11 Things That Taylor Swift Looks Like At The Met Gala

    Sexy robot vibes.

    Taylor Swift rocked up to tonight's Met Gala looking like straight-up, dark-lipped perfection.

    And a few other things...

    1. The Tin Man.

    2. A Hershey's kiss.

    3. Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.

    4. Zenon, the girl of the 21st century.

    5. A fish.

    6. Shireen Baratheon from Game of Thrones.

    7. Tinfoil.

    8. A snake.

    9. Someone who shops at Hot Topic.

    you're at the mall and this girl walks out of a hot topic and hisses at you. what do you do?

    10. A Yeezy shoe.

    11. And Jenny Humphrey.

    What a queen. 👑🙌