Taylor Swift Seems To Slowly Be Morphing Into Jenny Humphrey

    Spotted: Little Tay.

    Taylor Swift definitely has what you could call an ~evolving sense of style~.

    From dresses and cowboy boots...

    ...to "I just stepped off your 'Fall Looks' Pinterest board"...

    ...each of her ~eras~ has come with a new and improved look.

    Now that the 1989 era is over, Tay's style is heading in a different direction...

    A direction which seems to be somewhat inspired by one Miss Jenny Humphrey.

    Let's examine the evidence...

    Platinum hair and red lips? Check.

    Plaid dresses? Check.

    Black chokers? Check.

    Dark and brooding looks with tousled hair for special occasions? Check.

    Honestly, it's like a 2009 episode of Gossip Girl up in here.

    Next thing you know she'll have a breakdown and have to go live with her mom in Hudson.