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19 Secrets Cinema Workers Will Never Tell You

The popcorn tastes stale because it is stale.

1. We pop a ton of popcorn on quiet nights, put them in trashbags in the back room, and then warm it up and sell it five days later.

2. We pose with all the standees when everyone is gone, but then judge teenagers who come in and do the same thing.

3. We always say we're unavailable for nights when a huge movie is being released, because we know how busy it'll be.

4. When cleaning cinemas, we just push the trash under the seats for someone else to clean the next time around.

5. We always give our friends comp tickets.

6. We spend our breaks sitting in the cinema watching movies or trailers.

7. We spend a lot of time lying and saying that movies are good even if they're trash.

8. We "drop" choc-tops so we can label them as damaged, and then eat them.

9. There's also a high chance we've poured you a drink knowing that the post mix (syrup) is just about to run out.

10. We see you sneaking "outside" food in, and we really don't care.

11. We also see you going into another cinema after your movie finishes. We DGAF.

12. Oh and yes, teenagers buying tickets to a kids film, then sneaking into R-rated movies. We see you too.

13. If you're rude, we'll probably find a way to make you pay extra for your ticket. Or put you in a really bad seat.

14. We definitely judge you for your bad taste in films.

15. There's a high chance we'll ignore the phone if you call.

16. We know that our tickets are overpriced. Please don't tell us again. We don't make the rules.

17. When you ask for an adult ticket for yourself, and then jokingly request a child's ticket for your girlfriend, YOU ARE NOT BEING FUNNY.

18. We have a very low tolerance for people who get to the counter and forget what movie they're seeing.

19. And school holidays are the absolute worst.