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    28 Ridiculously Hot Celebrities With Incredibly Cute Cats

    Because abs and cats is way better than abs and dogs.

    1. Liam Hemsworth

    2. George Clooney

    ©20thCentFox / Courtesy Everett Collection

    Holy crap.

    3. Channing Tatum

    Spyglass Entertainment / Via

    The three greatest things on the planet are cats, pizza, and Channing Tatum's abs. And that is why this is the most magnificent gif ever created.

    4. Bradley Cooper

    GSI Media

    Even those questionable dreads cannot take away from the spectacular cuteness that is this photo.

    5. Justin Bieber

    Twitter: @mrsgarfieldx

    The best part of this photo is that his cat looks like Crookshanks.

    6. Ian Somerhalder

    Don't deny it, you want him to hold you like that.

    7. James Franco

    Despite that cat looking seriously disgruntled at being used as a weight, he can't really complain because James Franco is touching him.

    Twitter: @JamesFrancoTV


    8. Jack McBrayer

    Twitter: @IAMLILBUB

    This photo is guaranteed to make you smile.

    9. Jay Baruchel

    10. Darren Criss

    FOX / Via

    That kitty HAS ITS OWN TINY COUCH! And sidebar: look at that loving expression on Darren's face. That'll be featuring in your dreams tonight.

    11. Jef Holm

    12. Tyler Hoechlin

    13. Anderson Cooper

    FOX / Via

    HOW can you be grumpy when you're being KISSED by ANDERSON COOPER?!?!

    14. Macklemore

    15. Ed Sheeran

    16. Zac Efron

    17. Keegan Allen

    18. Grant Gustin

    19. Chiwetel Ejiofor

    BBC / Via

    They both just look so content. Sigh. Perfect kitties and perfect men.

    20. David Tennant

    BBC One Via

    Timelord kitty. Sorry Rose, but I think we have a new OTP.

    21. Norman Reedus

    People Magazine / Via

    That cat is almost definitely involved in some kind of black magic. Who cares, there's a hot guy to look at.

    22. Jensen Ackles


    Oh. Ok. Sorry, what were we talking about again?

    23. Alexander Vlahos

    24. Olan Rogers

    Every hot guy in the world should be forced to carry their kitty around inside their hoodie.

    25. Chris Colfer

    26. Deadmau5

    Instagram: @deadmau5

    Even hotties with neck tattoos love cuddling kittens.

    27. Godfrey Gao

    28. Joseph Gordon Levitt

    OUT Magazine / Kai Z Feng