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Posted on 14 Dec 2015

How Well Do You Remember The "1989" World Tour?

AKA the best tour to bless our humble existence.

  1. Which song did she open every show with?

    Graham Denholm / Getty
  2. Which of these celebrities was NOT a special guest at one of her shows?
  3. Which city was the opening date of the tour?
  4. And which was the closing city?
  5. Which of her albums did she have no songs from on the permanent setlist?
  6. In the video shown between songs where Taylor's friends talk about her, who did not appear?
  7. Which song did Taylor sing while wearing this outfit?
  8. Which song did she sing after finishing her speech about bullying?

  9. Which song from Speak Now did she perform as a mashup with "Wildest Dreams"?
  10. During which song did her dancers fly paper aeroplanes above the crowd?

    Twitter: @ahndreah
  11. Which single concert had the largest crowd in terms of numbers?
  12. For which song did she play electric guitar?
  13. Which of these artists did not appear as a support act?
  14. How many shows were there in total?
  15. And which song did she end each show with?


Tay sang "Should've Said No" in Santa Clara. An earlier version of this quiz misstated that she performed no songs at all from her first album. Whoops, our bad!

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