"Friends'" And "Seinfeld" Churned Out Some Of The Biggest Celebrities Ever — Here Are 37 Of Them For Proof

    There's more crossover than you'd think!

    1. Ellen Pompeo as a college sweetheart on Friends

    2. Mariska Hargitay as a potential Elaine on Seinfeld

    3. Kristin Davis as girlfriends on Seinfeld and Friends

    4. Bryan Cranston as Jerry's dentist on Seinfeld

    5. Catherine Keener as Jerry's artist girlfriend on Seinfeld

    6. Jennifer Coolidge as a masseuse on Seinfeld and a fake Brit on Friends

    7. Courteney Cox as Jerry's fake wife on Seinfeld

    8. And Steve Zahn as Phoebe's fake husband on Friends

    9. Denise Richards as a hottie on Seinfeld and Friends

    10. Debra Messing as Jerry's racist date in Seinfeld

    11. Sarah Silverman as Kramer's surprisingly good looking girlfriend on Seinfeld

    12. Aisha Tyler as Charlie on Friends

    13. Maggie Wheeler as the girl with the voice on Seinfeld and Friends

    14. Teri Hatcher as one of Jerry's girlfriends on Seinfeld

    15. Molly Shannon as Elaine's nemesis on Seinfeld

    16. Rebecca Romijn as the dirty girl on Friends

    17. Christine Taylor as love interests on Seinfeld and Friends

    18. Mae Whitman as a Girl Scout on Friends

    19. Jon Lovitz as the fake cancer guy on Seinfeld and the stoned guy on Friends

    20. Melora Hardin as Marcel's attackee on Friends

    21. Bob Odenkirk as the failing doctor on Seinfeld

    22. James Spader as the ice cream guy on Seinfeld

    23. Patton Oswalt as a video store worker in Seinfeld

    24. Reese Witherspoon as Rachel's sister on Friends

    25. Brad Garrett as Jerry's mechanic in Seinfeld

    26. Kathy Griffin as the annoying friend on Seinfeld

    27. Lauren Graham as the speed-dial dater on Seinfeld

    28. Rob Schneider as another one of Elaine's nemeses on Seinfeld

    29. Larry Hankin as two iconic roles on Seinfeld and Friends

    30. Jim Rash as the phalange-fearer on Friends

    31. Anna Gunn as Jerry's girlfriend on Seinfeld

    32. Jeremy Piven as a potential George in Seinfeld

    33. Jason Alexander as a disgruntled office worker in Friends

    34. Jon Favreau as a boyfriend and a clown on Seinfeld and Friends

    35. George Clooney as a hot doctor on Friends

    36. Debra Jo Rupp as a booking agent on Seinfeld and a wife on Friends

    37. Leah Remini as a very pregnant lady on Friends