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    18 Songs That "Grey's Anatomy" Ruined For You Forever

    Dammit Shonda, you've done it again.

    1. "Breathe" - Anna Nalick


    Season 2, Episode 17: This song played as Meredith pulled the bomb out of the body cavity and handed it to the bomb squad guy. We also saw Derek operating on Bailey's husband.

    2. "Chasing Cars" - Snow Patrol

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    Season 2, Episode 27: Izzy clings to Denny's dead body, and tells the attendings that she's giving up on being a surgeon.

    3. "All I Need" - Mat Kearney


    Season 3, Episode 1: This song plays as Izzy lies on the floor mourning Denny, and finally decides to get up to sit Shiva.

    4. "Falling Awake" - Gary Jules


    Season 3, Episode 12: The heartbreaking moment when George has to turn off his father's life support machines.

    5. "Make This Go On Forever" - Snow Patrol


    Season 3, Episode 15: This song played during the haunting scene where Meredith fell into the water while tending to a patient from the ferry crash.

    6. "Swans" - Unkle Bob


    Season 3, Episode 17: When Ellis Grey dies, Richard sits at her bedside and says goodbye.

    7. "Keep Breathing" - Ingrid Michaelson


    Season 3, Episode 25: In one of Cristina's most heartbreaking scenes ever, Meredith cuts her out of her wedding dress after Burke leaves her at the altar.

    8. "Dream" - Priscilla Ahn


    Season 4, Episode 16: This song plays as Meredith and Derek's clinical trial patients, Jeremy and Beth, prepare for their surgeries.

    9. "Blindsided" - Bon Iver


    Season 5, Episode 12: It's a little weird when Denny comes back from the dead... until this scene where he tells Izzy "I'm here for you", and she realises she's sick.

    10. "Sweetheart" - Jont


    Season 5, Episode 19 - Bailey finally convinces the father of a terminally ill little girl, that there's no saving her. Stock up on the tissues for this one.

    11. "Off I Go" - Greg Laswell


    Season 5, Episode 24: It's the moment we know George is truly gone. It's heartbreak captured in a song.

    12. "In My Veins" - Andrew Belle


    Season 6, Episode 24: Dr. Charles Percy dying was really only emotional because of this song and also the fact Chandra Wilson is a damn good actress.

    13. "Holding Us Back" - Katie Herzig


    Season 6, Episode 24: The scene where we almost lost McDreamy forever. Only after he gives a typical Derek Sheperd words of wisdom speech first.

    14. "Skin" - Zola Jesus


    Season 8, Episode 9: Teddy finally finds happiness with Henry, only to lose him of course. Because no one can ever be happy in Shondaland.

    15. "Feels Like The End" - Mikky Ekko


    Season 9, Episode 2: Mark Sloan aka McSteamy succumbs to his injuries from the plane crash. The only thing that makes this okay is that we hope he met up with Lexie in some sort of beautiful afterworld so they could be together forever.

    16. "Kiss Me" - Ed Sheeran


    Season 9, Episode 10: Bailey marries Ben and Richard deals with the shock loss of Adele. Because there's no such thing as too much heartache for poor Richard.

    17. "Without You" - Ingrid Michaelson


    Season 9, Episode 24: Everyone fears the worst for Jackson when a bus explodes, but he emerges victoriously, saving a little girl in the process - while still managing to look incredibly sexy. Bailey operates on Meredith as she gives birth during the blackout.

    18. "We Built this City" - Aron Wright and Jill Andrews


    Season 10, Episode 21 : April and Jackson argue about religion, and April tells Jackson she is pregnant.

    Here's a playlist of all the songs in case you want to spend your day crying into a tub of ice cream.

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