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25 Questions Doctors Need To Answer

How often do you see something stuck up a butt?

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1. Can you please look at this lump?

2. When you meet new people, do they just give you a list of their symptoms when you tell them you're a doctor?


3. What's one piece of general health advice you could give us?


4. How do you deal with all the blood and guts and gore of your job?


5. Were all those years of studying actually worth it? Really?


6. How much training do you have about your bedside manner, especially when it comes to speaking to families?


7. Do you ever just feel like yelling at your patients when you've advised them not to do something and they keep doing it?


8. Do you smoke?


9. What do you think of other doctors and nurses who smoke?


10. Does being on call suck? Like, really, really suck?

11. Do you ever get bored, or is there no time?


12. Why is your handwriting so bad?


13. Why are you never on time?

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14. Have you ever had to stifle a laugh because a patient has put something up their butt that they can't get out or something else that is funny?


15. What's the weirdest thing you've ever seen?


16. And what's the grossest thing you've ever seen?


17. How accurate is Grey's Anatomy?


18. Do you have to supply your own stethoscope? Are they expensive?


19. Will you always remember the first patient you lost?


20. How does it feel when you save someone's life?

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21. Do people really get it on in the on-call room?


22. Do plastic surgeons act like they're better than everyone else?

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23. Have you ever had to deal with a medical emergency when you haven't been working?


24. Or have you ever been on a plane where they've announced, "Is there a doctor on board?!"

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25. And what's the strangest thing you've pulled out of someone's body?

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