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    Posted on 26 Apr 2017

    Here's What We Thought Of "Pretty Little Liars" Season 7 Episode 12

    Tap, tap, tap. Guess who's back.

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    1. “Forget Noel Kahn!” - idk if it’s that easy when you think about the fact they watched him decapitate himself.

    2. And why are they still so flippant about seeing Noel Kahn BEHEADED.

    3. Like his head rolled right up to their FEET? And they’re making jokes about it? Is that OK?

    4. Emily is making absolutely no sense about going to the police now, this is why she can’t be in charge.

    5. Of course she’s being the voice of reason the one time that it’s all too late.

    6. Oh great, a new character who is probably shady.

    7. I. Marlene King: “The last 10 episodes will give you answers! But like, after about seven filler episodes where we just keep introducing new people.”


    8. Paige and Emily are KILLING ME, this scene between them sucks.

    9. Oh great, and a new shady teenager hiding behind the locker.

    10. She’s putting lip gloss on in a locker mirror, and that is how movies and TV shows say: “look at this glam mean girl, she’s scheming”.

    11. I get the symbolism of her being a “mini Alison” but also I don’t care, let’s keep this storyline moving.

    12. Where’s slut daddy Peter Hastings?

    13. I wouldn’t be so chill if I were Olivia Benson, he’s probably off impregnating someone else.

    14. This family is really bad at being there for each other in times of crisis. “My daughter got shot and also she found out that I cheated on her mum and her mum isn’t actually her mum. Eh, I’ll come home in a week.”

    15. Melissa’s gonna be MAD that she was left out of the loop on something.

    16. Oh cool so this dress storyline for a random lady is still going, that’s fine.

    17. Love all these answers I. Marlene, keep them coming!!!!!

    18. Also… are they implying that Hanna doesn’t know what the Mona Lisa is???? I know she’s a bit thick but… really????


    19. I still can’t believe that Emily and Alison are in charge of CHILDREN.

    20. They are actually being entrusted with educating the next generation.

    21. Omg this sneaky fucking girl pretending that Emily came onto her.

    22. Though clearly Rosewood High doesn’t give a fuck about inappropriate student teacher relationships, if Ezria is anything to go off.

    23. Oh no this wedding chef guy whose name I’ve forgotten is still a thing. I was hoping he’d blend back into the background.

    24. I feel like it’s not ok for Aria to be talking about her relationship with this random?

    25. Omg Paige is FILTHY about Emily comforting Alison and I’m living. I hate both Emilson and Pailey so I really don’t give a fuck about who wins. Maybe let them fight to the death.

    26. I like Fury in the way that he seems to be the most competent police officer Rosewood has seen so far.

    27. But like, the bar hasn’t been set very high having said that, so he’s probably A.D.

    28. It’s just because he hasn’t eaten any drugged gummi bears or been beaten by ping pong balls.


    29. Love a stray tapping to let everyone know Jenna’s on her way.

    30. LOL Jenna knows her and Fury aren’t alone because she can hear Spencer breathing, yet she didn’t realise when NOEL’S HEAD rolled right past her feet. Ok, I buy that.

    31. “I brought the gun to protect myself!” exclaims the blind chick.

    32. I can see why Spencer is into the seemingly very old Det Fury, especially coz she now has daddy issues.

    33. I don’t buy Jenna’s sob story for a second though.

    34. Why is... Aria working? As a canapé chef?


    36. Emily is shook that this girl who is ALWAYS on her phone got a text message just seconds after Jenna sent one, IT CAN’T BE A COINCIDENCE, SHE MUST BE INVOLVED SOMEHOW.

    37. Here I thought Olivia Benson was going to say her and slutty Peter had broken up, but she’s just selling the house. When will she learn?

    38. Can’t wait for the last eight episodes where we find out Peter Hastings fathered everyone in Rosewood.

    39. Wow Ezra and Nicole are looking veeerry loved-up.

    40. Wait, is this photoshoot with Nicole new or old?

    41. Also, as if a news website would have “Ezra reunited with this lady” as a PUSH NOTIFICATION.

    42. Can we send this article out as a breaking news push notification please?

    43. Lmao I forgot A.D. took Emily’s exam for her, how considerate.

    44. Emily should be grateful, she wouldn’t be a teacher now if it weren’t for A.D. They’re just looking out for her education.


    45. Jenna is weirdly obsessed with smell. I get that she’s one sense down so all the others are heightened, but doesn’t she know it’s creepy to tell people she can smell them?

    46. Jenna and her blind squad are putting on a show? I wonder if they’ll do "Three Blind Mice".

    47. Are we meant to be seeing clues on the shelves in this shoe shop? Bc there is too much sunlight on my computer for me to see what's happening.

    48. Wow A.D. sure has been busy – making some braille content, adding to the board game when the girl’s aren’t there, setting up cameras all over Rosewood to catch a random teenager out. Say what you want about A.D. but they’re efficient.

    49. So Aria’s gone to New York to sneak up on Nicole, which definitely makes sense considering Nicole probably has, idk, PTSD from her kidnapping. So yeah go for it Aria, good plan.

    50. AND she’s giving her salt water taffy? What kinda Uber A shit is this?

    51. Holden followed Aria to New York? Wasn’t he prepping for some big dinner thing? Ugh, I don’t care.

    52. Poor Hanna, what the hell is even happening?

    53. This is some very interesting editing.

    54. I read this theory that A.D. is Aria’s dad so now every time I see them get a text from A.D. I picture Byron sending it and I can’t stop laughing.


    55. Omg did Paige frame Addison by forging an email?

    56. She should’ve tried attempting to drown her in the school pool for old times sake.

    57. Dammit Paige, why did you save the day? I don’t want to like you.

    58. Like every other random on the show, I’m starting to think Holden has motives.

    59. No one’s that nice on PLL without having some suspect behaviour going on?

    60. Though I hate that he stopped Aria. Let her be her best snoopy self please.

    61. Somehow A.D. was in the shoe shop torturing Hanna and at Rosewood planting Emily’s puzzle piece?

    62. “Embrace your darkness, I had to.” Well… you know who has to embrace darkness? Blind people…

    63. I don’t understand why these girls don’t just sit down and play out the whole game at once. That’s what they did in Jumanji.

    64. Why do I feel like this map is probably just going to lead them to Rollins’ body or some shit?

    65. I hope this map leads me the fuck out of Rosewood tbh.


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