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17 Products That'll Help You Host The Picnic Of Your Dreams

If you don't Instagram your A+ picnic spread, what's the point?

1. This towel which is actually the perfect shape for a picnic blanket.

Get it from Cotton On for $34.95.

2. Or this folding chair if you'd prefer not to sit on the ground.

Get it from Target for $29.

3. This DIY three-tier cupcake stand which will make more room on your blanket for food.

Get it from Spotlight for $2.99.

4. This plate and cutlery set which will make carrying everything a breeze.

Get it from Sunny Life for $39.95.

5. This chill jug which will keep your fruity water cold AF.

Get it from Kmart for $13.

6. And these straws to drink it through.

Get a pack of 25 from eBay for $6.95.

7. This solar lantern for taking your picnic from day to night.

Get it from Kmart for $8.

8. This roll-up picnic blanket that is so easy to carry.

Get it from David Jones for $29.95.

9. This rose-gold diamond speaker will make sure your picnic is poppin'.

Get it from Typo for $49.95.

10. This oversized cooler bag which can hold at least two bottles of wine.

Get it from Typo for $20.

11. And this one which will hold all your snacks.

Get it from Asos for $32.21.

12. This ice bucket and stand which is less practical than an esky, but way more Instagrammable.

Get it from Bunnings for $34.95.

13. These super-cute containers which will keep your food fresh.

Get the set from Asos for $15.62.

14. This citronella candle which will keep the bugs away in style.

Get it from Kmart for $6.

15. This petanque set which will help you get your lawn bowls on.

Get it from Kathmandu for $39.95.

16. Or opt for a cooler with a built-in game.

Get it from Bunnings for $89.

17. And this umbrella which will protect you from the sun, and can turn into a tent in case it rains.

Get it from Kmart for $25.

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