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Oz Summer

Oz Summer

25 Songs That You'll Be Cranking All Summer Long

No need to hit skip with this playlist.

We Tried 6 New Beauty Products To See What's Worth Your Money

There's literally something for everyone.

17 Products That'll Help You Host The Picnic Of Your Dreams

If you don't Instagram your A+ picnic spread, what's the point?

This Is What Happened When We Tried Five Popular Fake Tans

From the barely noticeable to the oh-so orange.

15 DIY Snacks That Are Perfect To Take To The Beach

No one wants sandy, warm fruit.

17 Vegetarian BBQ Recipes Even Meat Eaters Will Love

You don't need meat to have a killer barbie.

16 Easy Cocktails Inspired By Summer Fruits

Fruit + booze? It's practically a salad.

19 Mango Recipes That'll Make Your Summer Juicy AF

Literally nothing beats a mango.

27 Books You'll Want To Read By The Pool This Summer

There's nothing like relaxing in the sun with a really good book.

23 Reasons Summer In Australia Is Hell On Earth

This ain't summer, this is Hades.

We Tried Making Vodka Cruiser Ice Blocks And They Really Worked Out

Add a bit of extra class to your teenage drinking habits.

19 Products For Everyone Who Loves Black Even When It's Hot

Anyone that tells you black isn't for summer is wrong.

How Trash Are Your Summer Opinions?

~Australian edition~.

14 Three-Ingredient Smoothie Recipes That Are Summery AF

Because who has time for a smoothie with a ton of obscure ingredients?

14 Super Simple Recipes You Need To Know For Your Next Barbeque

Fire up the barbie and get to grilling.

13 Ways To Get Your Gross Winter Feet Ready For Summer

We're so close to sandal season, guys.

What Are Your Fave Summer Reads?

It's almost summer in the Southern Hemisphere, guys.

Can You Make The Healthiest Cheese Board?

Could you pick the ~healthier~ options if you wanted to?

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