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Can You Remember The First Chapter Of "Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone"?

"Mr and Mrs Dursley of number four Privet Drive..."

  1. 1. Mr Dursley works for a company called Grunnings. What do they do?

    Via Bloomsbury
  2. 2. What was Dudley doing as Mr Dursley left for work?

  3. 3. What did Mr. Dursley buy for lunch?

  4. 4. What colour is Mrs Dursley's hair?

  5. 5. When did Mr. Dursley first notice the cat outside his house?

  6. 6. What type of cat is McGonagall?

    Salani Editore
  7. 7. What unusual phenomenon did the weatherman remark on during the Late News?

  8. 8. What colour cloak did Dumbledore wear to Privet Drive?

    A-BA-BA-HA-LA-MA-HA Publishers
  9. 9. What did Dumbledore offer to Minerva?

  10. 10. When did baby Harry fall asleep?

  11. 11. What shape is Dumbledore's scar?

  12. 12. What was the name of the device Dumbledore used to turn off the streetlights?


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