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    27 Pure Acts Of Kindness That'll Remind You The World Isn't All Bad

    The world isn't a trash heap ALL the time.

    Recently we asked members of BuzzFeed Community to tell us the most thoughtful things that people have done for them. I almost cried like seven times while reading the submissions, and here are some of the most heartwarming stories:


    "A few days after Christmas one year, my workmates were all discussing what presents they received. When they asked what I got, I tried to change the conversation before admitting that nobody in my family had actually gotten me any gifts.

    "Two days later there was a huge box in the staff office filled with lots of gifts that everyone had pitched in for me. Never cried so hard in front of so many people and to this day it's still the best Christmas I ever had." – Abbatha


    "I was born with a limp that can make exercising pretty tough, but I still wanted to join my school's cross country team to get some exercise and meet people. My first race was in brutal 90-degree heat, and I was thinking about quitting, but then a girl from a different team came and ran with me after she had finished her race. She ran the last mile with me and helped me cross the finish line, a complete stranger!" – leiahestia


    "When I was 20, my dad was really sick and couldn't work. My mom couldn't work either as she had to care for him round-the-clock, so it came down to just my brother and I to support the whole family. I worked in retail, and one day when my boss caught me crying in the back, I explained that I couldn't afford groceries and my brother and I weren't making enough money to cover the family costs.

    "The next day when I came in there was a cart of groceries, filled to the brim with staples like eggs and milk along with snacks and treats. One of my coworkers had even bought four giant bags of dog food for my dogs. It turns out my boss told the employees of our store and all the other branches about my situation, and they'd donated hundreds and hundreds of dollars to help me. Some customers also gave me gift cards and cash and food. It'll never stop amazing me how good people are." – prettyinpaisley


    "When I first met my husband, there was a restaurant across from our apartment that made the best chilled fusilli I've ever had. After we got engaged we moved to Pennsylvania, which meant I had to leave my precious fusilli behind. On the day of our wedding my husband-to-be took me to the buffet and surprised me with two heaping trays of chilled fusilli he had specially ordered and delivered for me from NYC. We have several hilarious pictures of me looking like a maniac in a wedding dress and gushing over pasta." – emr4a5b7a8f7


    "Once, I had a dream I was friends with an otter and I then became obsessed with them (they are so cute!), so my ex-boyfriend hand-sewed me an otter! Her name was Martha and it was one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me!" – g4a4c0d346


    "My best friend lives in Canada and I'm in Washington. We send each other postcards, long letters, and gifts. It's so lovely getting actual mail that I can keep (she has a love of cards so everything she sends always looks beautiful!!). It's wonderful. ❤" – z4cb7e7d48


    "I got sick with glandular fever when I was 16. One particularly tough day, my best friends came over with chocolate, popcorn, iced coffee, a big fluffy blanket, flowers, and movies. We snuggled in my living room watching a movie and caught up on the current events (I hadn't seen anyone or been at school for over a couple of months). I fell asleep that night knowing I had the greatest best friends." – rhiannek



    "After having my first child, I was hit hard with postpartum depression out of nowhere. I was quite ashamed and felt so lonely. I really struggled. I received a package in the mail of a hand-written note from my best friend saying all the things I was missing at work and how she missed me. It also had funny pictures and funny articles she had printed out that she saw and she knew I would like. She did this every single week for all 12 weeks of my maternity leave. I looked forward to it every week. I knew I was loved and supported, I really believe it helped save my life." – katekaul


    "Last year I was very depressed and suicidal. One morning before school I was feeling really bad, and told my online friend about it. My school has a no phone policy so I couldn't text her while I was there. When I was having an anxiety attack in the school bathroom that same day, I hear a knock on the door and our school receptionist saying, 'Are you okay? You can come out now.' When I wondered how she'd known about me being in the bathroom she told me: 'A friend of yours called me to see if you were okay, I think she was very worried. You have someone who really cares about you.'

    "So this girl who I'd never met looked up my school's telephone number and actually called. She herself has social anxiety, but wanted to see that I was okay. That has to be the happiest moment of my life. I felt really loved." – lie47d8808c4



    "My son was two-and-a-half when he died. Everyone says things like 'If I can do anything please call me', but I was so numb I could barely think. The day before the funeral a lady from church showed up at my house (I barely knew her) and said she was there to iron our clothes for the funeral. After she was finished ironing she polished our dress shoes. It was wonderful. Once she was done she gave us a restaurant gift certificate in a card and left.

    "Most of the funeral was a blur but I remember that kindness even though it was 30 years ago." – jerrim4377fdac6


    "My dad, stepmom, and I were on a road trip a few months ago when my dad had a serious stroke very unexpectedly. We were in a town and state we had never been in before, and spent all our time at the hospital. A week in, one of the doctors asked me what I missed most about home. I told him I miss having green apples to eat.

    "An hour later he came in an handed me a bunch of green apples. Another nurse also gave me two pairs of brand new pants since I hadn't changed my clothes in over a week. My dad is home now and on the road to recovery. But I'll never forget the hospital staff." – abbieh4e7eca080



    "My mother was recently diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer. We've exhausted our medical insurance, and both hers and my life savings have been depleted due to hospital bills and prescription meds. I keep posting on social media updates about her condition to update family members from far away and overseas.

    "Out of the blue, friends and family have been pouring financial aid even without us asking for them. Others have even given her a huge portion of the prescription meds we couldn't afford, and we receive weekly supplies of fruits from others as well. I may be an only child but these people make it seem like I have a whole community of siblings. Never in my life have I seen cancer in a positive light until I've witnessed the charity and goodness of the human heart because of it." – ruviegracepogoy


    "When I was going through my cancer, my chemotherapy made me lose all my hair. It made me feel ugly and like an outcast, especially since I was at a vulnerable young age where everyone obsessed over image. One day, I came home from chemo physically and emotionally exhausted. It was then that my brother greeted me, revealing his bald head. He had shaved his head so I wouldn't feel alone in having no hair. I never forgot that. It meant so much to me." – angelissac


    "I'm a huge New Kids on the Block fan, to the point where it's a large part of my identity and public persona (I'm also a small-scale comedian and writer). I've been struggling under the weight of medical bills recently, and I couldn't afford to buy a ticket to see NKOTB when they played Detroit. A literal stranger messaged me to say she had an extra ticket, and that she wanted to give it to me. It was a third row, VIP ticket. A STRANGER gave me a ticket that cost several hundred dollars because she 'felt I needed to be there'. I'm still awed by her kindness." – kairaw


    "I was raised by a single father and am his only daughter. When I was 15 I was having especially bad period cramps and mood swings. While hiding in my room in agony, I heard a soft knock on the door and then footsteps walking away. I opened the door to see a basket full of cheesy movies, painkillers, and all of my favorite sweet and salty snacks. He's the best dad ever." – faithml9291


    "I was really tired after a hard week of school, and I fell asleep at my desk in the dorms. The reason why I didn't get in bed is because my hair was wet from a shower, and I hate sleeping with wet hair, which most of my friends know. My hallmate blowdried my hair for me, something I was too exhausted to do myself, while I slept on my desk, then proceeded to help me get into bed. It was honestly one of the sweetest things anyone has done for me. Small gestures make a difference!!!" – Anonymous


    "I worked the front desk in a doctor's office and all the patients knew I was pregnant. I miscarried at 22 weeks and could not fathom telling all those people day after day what happened. My boss anticipated my fears without me telling her and completely reconfigured the dynamics of our check-in so I didn't have to talk to anyone until I was ready. It was so amazing that she thought of my anxiety without question." – brittanyh47fc42ed9


    "I used to live in a small town in northern Michigan where I was supposed to move my car from one side to the other daily, for plowing purposes. I ended up getting very sick one winter and missed a few moves and was just planning on paying the inevitable tickets. Instead when I finally left my apartment, I found my car cleaned of snow and a note from the cops in town saying they hoped I felt better soon." – elleh400b602e8


    "I was at my darkest point in my depression at age 12. I rarely slept, so when I did, I would have vivid night terrors that sometimes would bleed over into my waking hours. I (understandably) thought I was going insane, and was afraid to tell anyone but my best friend. The nicest thing that anyone has ever done for me was when she simply said: 'I believe you.'" – Anonymous


    "I work in retail, and a few Christmases ago I had the typical angry holiday customer who was yelling at me and being extremely rude. The next customer, a complete stranger, gave me a Starbucks gift card and said: 'I'm so sorry the holidays are hard for retail workers. This will buy you a few cups of coffee.' It touched my heart so much I almost started crying. I still think of that regularly to this day." – hollyp4c6da51a1


    "I was having a bad week at work with lots of emotions and tears involved, and one night as I was driving home I was crying. At a traffic light someone pulled up next to me when there wasn't a lane to do so, and asked me to roll down my window. This angel of a women said she had been behind me for a while and she saw I was crying. She told me that even though it sucks now it will get better and everything happens for a reason. When I'm feeling down I just remember the impact that stranger had on me and the fact there is still good in the world." – alexandriag43ea2b521


    "Each year on Valentine's Day, my dad used to buy me a small box of chocolates, long after I was grown and married. The first Valentine's after Dad passed away was hard. I came home, tired and heart-sore after a long day at work, to find a heart shaped box of chocolates at my door. My darling father-in-law, low-key, no fuss, picked up the tradition. I bawled like a baby, but felt so loved. He brought chocolates every Valentine's until his own passing. I miss both my dads." – kathleenmwest


    "My mom just began radiation for her second bout with lung cancer. I told my boss what was going on, and he let me work from home once a week and lined up an extra 16 hours of vacation time for me in case I needed it.

    "Then he and another coworker surprised me on the Friday before her radiation began with a full week's worth of meals for her. He paid for everything and even researched what meals were best for cancer patients. I have never had anybody do anything like this for me before. It rendered me speechless. So grateful. He's easily the kindest person I know." – jennr4ab11fa64


    "I slipped into a coma in 2006, and the doctors said I wasn't going to live. My husband and I were separated at the time, and my family was going to let the doctors take me off support. But we were still married, so my husband had final say. He still won't tell me to this day what he really did to make my family change their mind, even though at the time he didn't know if we had a future. Two days later I started to fight and cough. It doesn't get much more thoughtful than that." – Wendy Ervin, Facebook

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