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    Kim Kardashian Just Did The Best Shady Subtweet Of All Time

    Happy snake day, y'all!

    In case you've somehow missed out on the drama over the last week, let me fill you in.

    Larry Busacca / Getty Images

    After Kanye West released a song with lyrics including "I think me and Taylor might still have sex. I made that bitch famous," Taylor called him out for it (without naming names). Later, Kanye's wife Kim told GQ that Taylor had heard the song and approved Kanye putting it on his album. You can read more here and here because honestly, I don't have the time to explain how deep this goes.

    WELL. If that wasn't enough drama for us all, Kim just tweeted this INCREDIBLE subtweet:

    Twitter: @kimkardashian

    Urban dictionary describes a snake as a "scamming backstabber who does something just to get something out of it".

    Last week, people started spamming Taylor Swift's Instagram account with snake emojis after an unrelated drama between her, Calvin Harris, and Katy Perry (who chose to involve herself).

    While we can't be sure if Kim's tweet was directed at Taylor, the timing certainly is interesting.

    The preview for tonight's episode of KUWTK shows Kim telling Kourtney that this is all just Taylor's way to play the victim. “Definitely got her a lot of attention the first time," she says, referring to when Kanye crashed her MTV VMA acceptance speech in 2009.

    And of course, literally everyone on Twitter assumed Kim was tweeting about Tay.

    It's funny people are calling Taylor a snake bc I think she would be a hufflepuff

    I can't wait for Taylor's next single "Snake" to win 10 Grammys

    AND THEN Kendall Jenner tweeted (and deleted) snakes as well.

    Twitter: @kendalljenner

    Which is VERY INTERESTING because Kendall is (or was) kind of a ~second tier~ member of the Swift squad, due to their mutual Victoria's Secret friends. Taylor even brought Kendall on stage during her concert last year in London. And we should never, EVER, forget that six years ago, Kendall and Kylie made a video lip-synching to a Taylor song. It's straight-up ICONIC.

    Honestly, what a day. What a week.


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