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24 Things That Happen When You Love Valentine's Day

"Yes, I will buy ALL the candy hearts you have."

1. There is no denying that February 14th is one of your favourite days of the year.

2. As soon as January is over, you start to get super excited...

3. ...because it's only two weeks until your favourite holiday!

4. And you really can't understand all your friends who hate Valentine's Day.

Universal Pictures / Via

5. Your excitement reaches its peak when Valentine's candy hits the shops.

New Line Cinema
New Line Cinema

6. You stock up, then proceed to eat it all in one day.

7. Whether you're single or taken, you start planning what you'll do this year.

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8. You rack your brains for a unique and personal gift for your boo.

9. You make cards for all of your friends.


10. And you always buy flowers, even though the price is jacked up way too high.

Disney / Via

11. You constantly remind everyone how much you love them.

12. You fall in love with anything cute and adorable, no matter how mushy it may be.

13. If you have a S.O., you both compete for who can give the best gift.

14. You bake everyone you know Valentine's themed treats, even if it means they think you're weird.

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15. Every year, you have to endure all the haters telling you that it's just a fake Hallmark holiday.


16. Fine, no cookies for you.

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17. You legitimately think Valentine's Day is an excellent movie.

Warner Bros.

18. Each year you plan an epic Galentine's day brunch.


19. Though you spend the whole day being excited for what tomorrow will bring.


20. You wake up on the morning of the 14th and everything is pink and happy!


21. Of course, you eat an appropriately themed breakfast.

22. And you spend your whole day spreading the love.


23. But by night time, you're so sad that V-Day is almost over.

24. Until you remember... discounted Valentine's candy starts tomorrow!


Happy Valentine's Day everybody!

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