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Here's How Hogwarts Houses Relate To The New Ilvermorny Houses

Slytherin ≠ Horned Serpent.

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There's honestly no crisis quite like the personality crisis you face trying to figure out what Hogwarts house you belong to.

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And JK Rowling has thrown another spanner into the works this week with the reveal of American wizarding school Ilvermorny and its four houses.

You've probably already seen the houses, and their associated traits.


Which means you've probably also noticed that these don't ~really~ match up very well with the four Hogwarts houses. There are some similarities, but they're blurry.

Well, fear no more! Hogwarts Running Club surveyed a bunch of people to find where the students of each Hogwarts house ended up at Ilvermorny.


There seem to be a lot of Thunderbirds and Pukwudgies out there, which is probably kinda unfair when it comes to house cup time.

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But other than that... it's pretty hard to draw any substantial conclusions from this data. Looks like Ilvermorny houses really are very different from Hogwarts.