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19 Tiny Changes You Can Make To Help The Earth

Here's how to care for the Earth without having to become vegan or grow all your own vegetables.

1. Shop at farmers markets where you can.

2. Set up your own little herb garden.

3. Avoid plastic cutlery.

4. Use less energy at home.

5. And seriously, stop using your dryer.

6. Recycle!

7. And resell or donate things that still have life in them.

8. Drink tap water.

9. Try to use less water at home.

10. Buy smart products.

11. Remember your reusable shopping bags.

12. In fact, start replacing everything with reusable items.

13. Source your meat sustainably.

14. Learn about natural cosmetics.

15. Explore ethical fashion.

16. Make the most of all your products.

17. Make your own cooking essentials.

18. And learn how to cook up all that leftover fridge food.

19. Get yourself a reusable coffee cup.