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13 LGBT Teens Whose Instagrams Are Inspirational AF

Damn, these kids are cool.

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1. Zoey Luna – @iamzoeyluna

Instagram: @iamzoeyluna

Zoey is a teenage trans activist who was the star of last year's documentary Raising Zoey. She also knows how to take a bomb-ass selfie.

2. Brendan Jordan – @jordvnhaus

Instagram: @jordvnhaus

Brendan is a 17-year-old genderfluid YouTuber, who you might remember as the kid who did Gaga's "Applause" choreography in the back of a news broadcast. These days they is modeling and blogging on their YouTube channel.

3. Corey Maison – @coreymaison

Instagram: @coreymaison

Corey is a trans teen model and activist who uses her Instagram and YouTube to "try and make the world a little better". She came out at the age of 11, and began a social transition to female. This gave her mom the courage to also come out and begin a transition from female to male.

4. Carter Cheshier – @bruiseboy

Instagram: @bruiseboy

Carter's feed is filled with badass photos like this one which will inspire you to live your best life and be yourself.

5. James Butler – @iamjamessss

This 19-year-old model and dancer uses his YouTube channel to share stories from his life and talk about everything pop culture.

6. Amandla Stenberg – @amandlastenberg

Instagram: @amandlastenberg

You might recognise Amandla from their role as Rue in The Hunger Games. Since then, they has been very vocal on social media about cultural appropriation, and was named as "one of the most incendiary voices of [their] generation" by Dazed magazine.

7. Georgie Stone – @georgiestone

Instagram: @georgiestone

When she was 10 years old, Georgie became the youngest person in Australia to be granted permission by a court to begin taking hormone blockers. Now at 16, she's lobbying politicians for law reform surrounding trans teenagers, and was featured on an episode of Australian Story.

8. Thomas Moore – @thomasistrash

Instagram: @thomasistrash

Thomas is a trans YouTuber who frequently speaks out about LGBT+ issues.

9. Bretman Rock – @bretmanrock

Bretman Rock is a Hawaiian high schooler with an incredible talent for contouring and eye makeup. He also has a YouTube channel with over a million subscribers, and vlogs about makeup, travel, and his day-to-day life.

10. Jazz Jennings – @jazzjennings_

Instagram: @jazzjennings_

Jazz has been a trans advocate since she appeared on 20/20 when she was six years old, and was one of the youngest publicly documented people to be identified as transgender. She's got a YouTube show, has written two books, and was a Clean & Clear spokesperson.

11. Theodore Zane – @alientheodore

Instagram: @alientheodore

Theodore is a trans 18-year-old who uses his Instagram and YouTube to talk about his transition and answer some tricky questions he faces on a daily basis.

12. Alex Jacob – @crucifalex

Instagram: @crucifalex

Alex uses his Instagram and Twitter to share photos from his life as a trans teen and to spread positive messages on behalf of trans kids around the world.

13. Spencer Claus – @spencerclaus

Instagram: @spencerclaus

Spencer is an insanely talented makeup artist who shares tutorials with the idea that makeup is for everyone, not just women.