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20 Study Notes That Are Too Pure For This World

These honestly belong in a museum.

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1. Studying can sometimes be the actual WORST, but omg look how pretty these notes are.

Instagram: @studyhard_and_nevergiveup

2. Like, I actually want to sit down and read all of this.

Instagram: @studywithsaz

3. And suddenly I can speak French.

Instagram: @cvstudies

4. Don't be afraid to fill your notes with colour.

Instagram: @trshrmrz

5. Or draw handy diagrams to go along with all the text.

Instagram: @doodletrice

6. A well-set-out notebook is honestly so inspiring.

Instagram: @thecosmicroad

7. And it's so much easier to study with notes that look like this.

Instagram: @jisoostudies

13. Studying has actually never looked so good.

16. How goddamn perfect are these notes?!

Instagram: @medical_motivation

17. Doesn't this just make you actually want to sit down and learn maths?

Instagram: @studyng

18. It'd be impossible not to pass with this perfect scientific explainer.

Instagram: @hannah_cerise

19. Whoever thought you'd feel chill AF while looking at study notes?

Instagram: @studitivity

20. What 👏 a 👏 vibe 👏.

Instagram: @study