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    11 Money-Saving Swaps For Everyone Who Wants To Travel

    All of these are 100% do-able, I promise!

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    1. Cut out buying coffee for 11 months and you could afford a flight to NYC.

    If you stop spending $4 every morning at a café, it'll take you just short of 11 months to save enough to fly return from Sydney to NYC.

    2. Eliminate one eat-out meal a week and you can head off to New Zealand.

    If you spend roughly $20 on a meal out, try cutting the amount of times you go out a week down by one. Within five months, you'll have saved enough to fly from Melbourne to Wellington and back.

    3. Workout from home for eight months to save enough for a flight to Bali.

    If you stop paying $65 a month in gym fees, after eight months you'll have saved enough to fly Sydney to Bali return.

    4. Switch from cocktails to wine and in six months you'll be on your way to Japan.

    Instead of having three $17 cocktails, switch to the $7 house wine. If you do that once a week for half a year, you'll have saved enough to fly from Brissy to Tokyo and back.

    5. Or drink at home to save enough for a trip to Brazil within a year.

    Instead of a night out enjoying overpriced drinks, stay in with a cheap bottle of wine and save at least $60. Do this every two weeks and you'll have saved enough for a return flight from Melbourne to São Paulo.

    6. And give up drunk food for seven months to afford a flight to Fiji.

    Keep potato gems or Mi Goreng at home to satisfy your 3am cravings, instead of dropping cash on a kebab or Macca's meal. Do this weekly, and in around seven months you'll have saved enough to fly from Brisbane to Fiji and back.

    7. Avoid Uber and after six months you can fly to Thailand.

    Sure, at times getting an Uber is unavoidable, but sometimes it can easily be replaced with public transport or walking. If you cut out one $25 ride a week, it'll take you six months to save for a return flight from Adelaide to Bangkok.

    8. Stop shopping and see your savings rack up.

    The average Aussie spends $44 a week on clothes and shoes. Challenge yourself to buy nothing for the next seven months, and you'll have saved enough to fly from Sydney to London and back home.

    9. Ditch weekend breakfast dates for a free activity, and in a year you could be in Peru.

    Instead of meeting your mates for a lazy brunch, why not catch up while going on a walk? You'll save enough in a year to fly to Peru and back.

    10. Start bringing your lunch to work and fly to South Africa in ten months.

    If you quit buying lunch three days a week, within less than a year you'll have enough spare cash to fly return from Perth to Johannesburg.

    11. BYO bottle and save up for a flight to Hawaii in a year.

    If you're buying bottles of water every time you get thirsty, those small $3 payments add up. If you buy four a week, your annual spending is the same as a return flight to Honolulu from Sydney. Instead, invest in a reusable bottle and save your dollars while saving the planet.

    Or do all of these things, and save enough for a big-ass trip that'll make your Instagram lit as hell.

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