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    Yes, "Grey's Anatomy" Is Already Up To Season 19, And Here's Everything We Know About The New Season

    Buckle up for another rollercoaster of a season.

    Here we are once again, heading into a new season of Grey's Anatomy. Against all odds, we've made it to Season 19 – so here's everything you should know heading into the new season.

    Meredith Grey and Richard Webber stand in the OR gallery looking down through a window

    1. Ellen Pompeo will only be in eight episodes.

    Ellen Pompeo poses in a blue dress on a blue background

    2. But don't worry, she's not fully leaving the show — Ellen will still narrate all the episodes and serve as an executive producer.

    Meredith Grey, in a business shirt and lab coat, stands in a room talking to people

    3. As a result, it looks like Dr. Nick Marsh won't be in the show as much either.

    Dr Marsh in a green t-shirt is looking off-screen

    4. But everyone's fave, Addison Montgomery, will be back in a significant way.

    Meredith Grey, Addison Shepherd and Amelia Shepherd are walking down a hospital hallway, all wearing lab coats

    5. Meredith is hard at work trying to reboot the residency program after it was shut down in last season's finale.

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    ABC / Via

    Based on the first-look trailer, Meredith has recruited five new interns who otherwise wouldn't be offered jobs, and given them a second chance. 

    6. We have a new class of interns.

    7. Glee alum Harry Shum Jr. has been cast as Dr. Daniel Kwan.

    Harry Shum Jr. on the set of Grey's Anatomy wearing scrubs and a lab coat

    8. Alexis Floyd will play Dr. Simone Griffin.

    Alexis Floyd on the set of Grey's Anatomy wearing scrubs and a lab coat

    9. Adelaide Kane is taking on the role of Dr. Jules Millin.

    Adelaide Kane on the set of Grey's Anatomy wearing casual clothes and looking incredulous

    10. Niko Terho will play Dr. Lucas Adams.

    Niko Terho on the set of Grey's Anatomy wearing scrubs and a yellow ER gown

    11. Midori Francis is coming on board as Dr. Mika Yasuda.

    Midori Francis on the set of Grey's Anatomy wearing scrubs and a lab coat

    12. Meredith is now the interim Chief of Surgery.

    The actors who play Webber, Meredith, and Bailey posing on a set of stairs for promo photos

    13. Webber and Bailey may have quit their jobs BUT they're still series regulars.

    Miranda Bailey with her hair in braids wearing casual clothes at Grey Sloan hospital

    14. Teddy and Owen are on the run.

    Owen and Teddy sit on a couch looking at eachother

    15. Filming started in July.

    Memorizing lines for #1901. It’s here. There will be updates. The classic cast is ready and revving. The new cast additions are exciting and gorgeous. Inside and out. Here we go.

    @caterinatweets / Via Twitter: @caterinatweets

    Caterina Scorsone, who plays Amelia, shared a tweet in July about learning her lines for the season premiere. Kate Walsh (Addison) also shared a TikTok confirming that she would be filming this season.

    16. It's not likely to be the last season of Grey's.

    Bailey stands in the operating theatre wearing a mask and a scrub hat, while two men operate on a body

    17. Though Ellen Pompeo kinda wants it to be the last.

    Meredith Grey wearing a black business shirt from a scene in Grey's Anatomy