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13 Unexpected Places To Buy Formal Dresses Online

Because who has time to spend hours in Myer?

All sites in this post are either Australian or ship to Australia.

1. Asos

Asos / Via

OK, you obviously know about Asos. But did you know that they have a special section dedicated to formal dresses? Pair that with their free shipping, and their petite/curve sections, and you've got a pretty sweet deal.

2. Missguided

Another site you probably already knew about, Missguided has a pretty extensive range of formal dresses, of all different styles and lengths. Plus, join their mailing list and get 20% off. Nice!

3. Swish

Swish / Via

If you're after something a little more ~formal~, then Swish is for you. It's a big supplier of bridesmaids dresses so you know you're going to get something classy and elegant.

4. TheCelebrityDresses

This amazing site offers knock-off versions of dresses that celebrities have worn to red-carpet events. They're surprisingly good quality, and each dress has reviews and photos uploaded by real-life people who have bought it, so you know what you're getting. There are also a ton of reviews of dresses on their Facebook page. Tip: Use the search function on the website to search for your favourite celebrities.

5. Ho Dress

Ho Dress / Via

I'm not really sure what they were going for with the name, but this site has SO many formal dresses, with an impressive plus-sized range to boot.

6. Belle Wishes

Belle Wishes / Via

This site does made-to-order dresses, so they're specifically tailored to your body, for a pretty reasonable price. The shipping fee is kinda high, but they're constantly having sales so it all balances out.

7. Jade Gowns

Jade Gowns has a great mix of dresses that range from short to long and everywhere in between. Each dress comes in so many different colours, it's impossible not to find something you'll love.

8. Esther

Esther / Via

Esther has some beautiful, understated dresses, for formals that are a little more laid-back. Make sure to check out their bridesmaid collection. They're a lot more re-wearable than other formal dresses!

9. HelloMolly

HelloMolly / Via

Beautiful party dresses and free shipping!! What more do you even need to know?

10. Oasap

Oasap / Via

This site doesn't have a HUGE range of formal dresses, but their prices are low, and the shipping is free, so it's worth having a look!

11. Tobi

Tobi / Via

Tobi's a great destination for low-cost, low-key dresses. It has free shipping to Australia, but is definitely lacking in the plus-size department.

12. Your Closet

If you don't want to drop a ton of cash on a dress that you mightn't wear again, you should consider renting. Your Closet has dresses from designers like Alex Perry, Camilla and Marc, and Josh Goot. All you have to do is order it online, wear it, and return it via post a few days later. Easy!

13. Facebook groups

Facebook: QCFormalDressSwap

There are a number of Facebook groups where people sell/swap old formal dresses, which is definitely a cheaper option. Check out this one or just search "formal dress swap" to see posts near you.

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