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17 Pretty AF Formal Accessories That Are Totally Unique

There's nothing worse than matching someone else!

All prices in this post are quoted in Australian dollars and include shipping costs.

1. Subtly show your love for cats with this elegant but quirky ring stack.

Get them here for $21.30.

2. Opt for some handmade statement earrings to pair with a simple dress.

They come in a ton of other colours too, check out the store. Get them here for $32.

3. Or embrace your inner Sailor Moon with these mystical earrings.

Princess Polly / Via

Get them here for $41.

4. Try out a Peter Pan-inspired collar necklace.

Get it here for $37.

5. Stand out from the bracelet-wearers with an arm cuff.

Get it here for $62.

6. Forget regular earrings, and instead try an ear crawler.

Get it here for $12.

7. Add a splash of colour with a 24K gold-plated crystal necklace.

Get it here for $53.50.

8. Take simple pearl earrings to another level.

Get them here for $31.

9. Get Gatsby-inspired with this diamante headpiece.

Get it here for $30.

10. Or go Grecian with this silver hair comb.

Get it here for $28.

11. Consider a statement necklace with a strapless dress.

Elisabeth Ashlie / Via

Get it here for $49.

12. Add some colour to your ears.

Lovoda / Via

Get them here for $43.

13. Or go with some statement strands.

Asos / Via

Get them here for $22.

14. Embrace the choker vibe.

Showpo / Via

Get it here for $26.

15. Be the only girl wearing a clay necklace.

Get it here for $48.

16. Wear a real, live plant on your finger.

And you can plant it after wearing it. Get it here for $36.

17. Or keep it simple with a striking wave.

Get it here for $34.

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