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    35 Facts That Will Shock Anyone Who Grew Up In Australia

    Rainbow Paddle Pops are a lie.

    1. Rainbow Paddle Pops are actually caramel flavour with food colouring added.

    2. Neighbours originally premiered on Channel Seven, but was a flop and cancelled after a few months. Then Channel Ten bought it and turned it into the show we love today.

    3. Other working titles that were considered instead of 'Neighbours' were One Way Street and Living Together.

    4. The pilot episode of Home And Away was a 90 minute film.

    5. Vegemite was renamed 'Parwill' from 1928-1935. After losing revenue to its competitor Marmite, its name was changed to make use of the ad slogan "Marmite but Parwill" (Ma might, but Pa will). It didn't work, and the name was changed back to Vegemite.

    6. In 1984, a jar of Vegemite was the first product to be electronically scanned at a checkout in Australia.

    7. 80% of Aussie kids under six watch Play School at least once a week.

    8. One time, an octopus that was to be used on camera for an episode of Play School died minutes before they had to start filming. Benita said: "We had to swish the water around to make it look alive".

    Channel Ten / ABC

    9. Bertie Beetle chocolates were originally created to use up leftover honeycomb from the production of Violet Crumble.

    10. Savage Garden took their name from a quote in an Anne Rice vampire novel: "Beauty was a Savage Garden"

    11. A sequel to the Ocean Girl TV series is apparently going to be made, and will be called Ocean Girl: A New Generation.

    12. Cheez TV was the first TV show in Australia to have an internet address.

    13. Bananas in Pyjamas was inspired by a song written by Carey Blyton (Enid Blyton's nephew) which was shown on Play School for many years in the 70s.

    14. The light atop the Sydney Harbour Bridge is named Blinky Bill.

    Sony BMG / Channel Ten

    15. Silverchair were originally named Innocent Criminals.

    16. The first two seasons of Round The Twist were based on many different Paul Jennings short stories (not only his book titled Round The Twist).

    17. In the first year that Yowies were on the market, 31 million were sold. This represents 2.5 Yowies per person in Australia.

    18. Though you probably remember the great book that was The Bugalugs Bum Thief, did you know that it was written by Tim Winton?

    19. Milky Way chocolate bars float when placed in milk.

    20. Looking for Alibrandi is the most stolen book from Australian school libraries.

    21. Ironically, the namesake of the lamington (Lord Lamington) actually hated the cakes, calling them "those bloody poofy woolly biscuits"

    22. Pavlova was named after Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova, because she is very light on her feet.

    Wikipedia / Gramercy Pictures

    23. Unfortunately, it has been proven that Pavlova was definitely invented in New Zealand.

    24. Subway were banned from selling Anzac biscuits because they referred to them as 'cookies' The term Anzac is protected under Australian law, and the Department of Veterans Affairs will only allow Anzac biscuits to be sold, not cookies.

    25. The Bananas in Pyjamas theme song in the 90s was sung by Monica Trapaga.

    26. Violet Crumble chocolate bars are so named because the creator's wife's favourite flowers were violets.

    27. Despite the theory that LCM stands for Little Children's Meal, it actually had no meaning. They're just cool letters.

    28. Freddo Frogs were originally going to be mice, but it was though that people were too afraid of mice and they wouldn't sell.

    29. Caramello Koala's real name is George.

    Network Ten / Cadbury

    30. Kylie Minogue played Rebecca, the second-best friend of Kylie Mole in The Comedy Company.

    31. The Comedy Company made the word 'bogan' widely known.

    32. Tim Curry turned down the role of Mitzy in Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, so Hugo Weaving was cast instead.

    33. The Wiggles copied their signature 'finger wiggle' from professional bowlers who do the same move when they take a wicket.

    34. Fruit Tingles contain sodium bicarbonate, making them an effective treatment for heartburn. Midwives often recommend them for pregnant women.

    35. Maltesers were originally called 'energy balls' and marketed to young women trying to lose weight.

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