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16 University Campuses That Might Secretly Be Hogwarts

Almost as good as the real thing.

1. Oxford University, United Kingdom

Pretty much every building at Oxford looks like a carbon copy of Hogwarts, and for good reason. Some scenes from the first two movies were filmed here.

2. Sydney University, Australia

The Great Hall at Sydney Uni looks exactly like Hogwarts' Great Hall. It's even got a quadrangle where students can sit and read spell books. Or just normal books, I guess.

3. University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Not only does the Cathedral of Learning look Hogwarts AF, it's also got a pretty magical name too.

4. Yale University, Connecticut

Sterling Memorial Library is the kind of place where you'd actually really want to study.

5. University of Washington, Washington

It always feels like the libraries are the most impressive parts of all these colleges. Well, Suzzallo Library really is no exception.

6. University of Notre Dame, Indiana

The Basilica of the Sacred Heart is breathtakingly beautiful. You can almost imagine the pictures on the walls moving around.

7. University of Vienna, Austria

These Europeans really know what they're doing. Don't these stairs look just like the ones at Hogwarts? Except of course, they're stationary.

8. University of Chicago, Illinois

That photo on the left is the dining hall! Pretty sure their meals aren't cooked by house elves, though.

9. University of Cambridge, UK

You'd be hard-pressed to find a university in the UK which doesn't look like Hogwarts.

10. Bryn Mawr College, Pennsylvania

The Thomas Hall even has house banners on the walls!

11. Harvard University, Massachusetts

While a lot of the old Harvard buildings look kind of like castles, the dining hall might actually be Hogwarts. The walls are covered with portraits of the university's founders and it's pretty much oozing with history.

12. Mount Holyoke College, Massachusetts

From the looming iron gates, to the ivy-covered buildings, and high-ceilinged library, it's almost like J.K. Rowling designed this campus herself.

13. Cornell University

The law library at Cornell is literally breathtaking.

14. University of St Andrews, Scotland

The students staying in St Salvador's Hall pretty much could just say that they live at Hogwarts.

15. Kenyon College, Ohio

Not only does the dining room, Peirce Hall, look exactly like where they eat at Hogwarts, but all the buildings just look like castles.

16. University of Manchester, UK

The John Rylands library is only 100 years old, but honestly looks just as old and mystical as Hogwarts with its 1000-year history.

Correction: An earlier version of this post had an incorrect photo for Kenyon College.