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    13 Recipes That Take Boxed Wine To The Next Level

    Because "sangria" sounds so much better than "boxed wine".

    1. White Wine Spritzer With Strawberries

    This cocktail is so fresh and light and summery that it hurts. Recipe here.

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    2. Strawberry Peach Sangria

    Look at all that fruit. If that doesn't scream "DELICIOUS" to you, you probably need to get your eyes tested?? Recipe here.

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    3. Pomegranate Lime White Wine Spritzer

    This sophisticated cocktail will fool anyone into believing that you splurged on bottle wine, you deceptive minx, you. Recipe here.


    4. Berry & Apple Sangria

    SO MANY BERRIES! This combo is the perfect autumn night cocktail. Recipe here.

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    5. Watermelon White Wine Spritzer

    Look at this, it's like a tropical island getaway in a glass. Recipe here.


    6. Red Wine Hot Chocolate

    The perfect treat for those cold winter nights, this will warm you up twice as fast! Recipe here.


    7. Strawberry Pomegranate Sangria

    Perfect for a romantic night in with ya boo, on a budget! Recipe here.

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    8. White Wine Margarita

    Pretend it's summer with this delicious margarita mix! Recipe here.

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    9. Black Sangria

    If it were possible to be sexually attracted to a cocktail, this would be the one you'd be thirsting for. Recipe here.


    10. Apple & Pear Sangria

    For a cocktail that totally counts towards your recommended daily fruit intake, this is literal perfection. Recipe here.


    11. Mulled Wine

    That's hot. Literally and figuratively. Recipe here.

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    12. Pineapple Mojito Sangria

    It's fun, it's fruity, it's the perfect party punch! Recipe here.

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    13. Strawberry & Red Wine Icypoles

    Beat the heat while getting wasted, IE be totally time efficient while consuming this yummy treat. Recipe here.

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