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    Updated on 2 Sep 2020. Posted on 23 Aug 2015

    23 Things You Didn't Know Happened At A Taping Of "The Voice"

    How does this two-hour show take six hours to film?

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    1. You have to arrive at 4 p.m.

    Logo TV

    That seems a little early, no? Considering the show airs at 7 p.m.?

    2. There's a lot of standing around in lines, waiting to be ushered to your seat.


    ^^ You, when you finally get to sit down.

    3. Once you sit down, that is basically your home for the next six hours.

    Channel 9

    And we're not going to lie, they're not the comfiest of seats.

    4. The stage looks a lot smaller IRL.

    It does mean that each audience seat has a really great view, though.

    5. They pre-record parts of the show, like when featured artists perform.

    Channel 9

    They film the recordings at about 6 p.m., and then just slot them into the live show at the appropriate time.

    6. And when the featured artists perform, they film a couple of takes.

    7. By the time they're about to start the live show, you're so hungry from just sitting around with nothing to do.


    8. So just before the show starts, they give you a snack from one of the show's sponsors, and water.


    Allllllll about that free Cherry Ripe. Even though that is basically dinner now.

    9. They give you another snack later during a commercial, and then you have to worry about how to get food out of your teeth while also possibly being on camera.

    Universal Pictures

    10. When filming, you're not allowed to have your phone out.


    Which is a shame, because the lighting on set is really great for selfies.

    11. It's a huge rigmarole to get out of your seat to go to the bathroom, so you end up just trying to hold it.

    Buena Vista Pictures

    "You probably shouldn't have given us all that free water then, mate."

    12. There's a warm-up guy who tells the lamest jokes you've ever heard, trying to get the crowd ~in the mood~.


    He also wanders through the audience at every ad break, trying to get everyone excited despite the fact you've been sitting on an uncomfortable seat for four hours.

    13. Also you get told when and how to cheer, when to stand up, and when to be quiet.

    Sony Pictures

    It is not spontaneous cheering at all.

    14. They put the sets together really, really fast.

    Warner Bros.

    Each performer has a super-elaborate set with props and backdrops, and the crew manage to put it all together in just an ad break. There are like 100 of them to be fair, but it still is very, very, impressive.

    15. Also, there's one person whose only job is to wipe the floors.

    BBC 3

    16. The judges have a little pocket in their chairs for their phones.


    And during the breaks, they're all on their phones tweeting and taking selfies.

    17. Ricky has a notebook where he records the feedback he's given the contestants.

    Channel 9

    18. And, if we're being honest, being that close to Ricky is truly a #blessed experience.

    Channel 9

    He's way hotter IRL.

    19. The judges get their hair and make-up touched up during the commercial breaks.

    BBC 1

    20. They can also have bites of food in the commercial breaks.

    I.e. we saw Jessie J take like three bites of what looked like a Caesar Salad and it was great.

    21. Whenever Darren and Sonia are filming near the judges, the Madden brothers are always trying to creep in the background of their shot.

    Channel 9

    22. Delta dances a lot, and during commercials, she goes into the audience and talks to her fans.

    Channel 9

    She also kicks her shoes off every time they cut to an ad break. Because she is a queen.

    23. It's a long night, but goddamn it's entertaining.

    Channel 9

    Just remember to bring snacks, or your dinner will be a Cherry Ripe.

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